Totally Overthought and Overpowered Builds that you don’t really need in this game:

Hi Horizon community, (fuck me, what a game).

I've only started to discover the wonder of mods in this game, and being a seasoned looter shooter I'm already overthinking situational builds wayyy before I need them in-game, or even have the shards and machine parts for it!

I've looked around for a list of mods available in game as I'm not sure what exactly exists, and how high the stats can roll on a triple stats purple mod, but there are plenty of Thunderjaws out there to find out!

What have you guys built so far? I've seen some really OP Stealth builds that make you practically invisible! I have a few ideas, please entertain them or correct me if these cannot be done…and yeah I know of the silly OP Shield Weaver armor!

I'm also curious to try out Elemental Builds with the Carja Sillks Heavy Armor with 3 mod slots, the Nora Survivor Heavy with +15 protection for each element vs the Blazon, Ice Hunter and Sparkworker:

Build Armor & mods
Stealth bastard Nora Silent Hunter Heavy armor + 2x Stealth Weaves
Corrupt bastard Banuk Sickness Eater Heavy armor + 2x Corruption Weaves
Tank bastard Nora Protector Heavy + 2x Melee Weaves
Thunderjaw Farming bastard Nora Protector Heavy + 1x Melee Weave + 1x Shock Weave
Fireman Carja Silks Heavy + 3 Fire mods
Carja Blazon Heavy + 2 Fire mods
Electrician Carja Silks Heavy + 3 Shock mods
Oseram Sparkworker Heavy + 2 Shock mods
Popsicle Carja Silks Heavy + 3 Freeze mods
Banuk Ice Hunter Heavy armor + 2 Freeze mods
Buffet Nora Survivor Heavy +1 Fire +1 Shock,+1 Freeze

It can get very convoluted if we factor weapon builds and loadouts with these armor builds, (+ skills perks too!) but please make your suggestions to compliment these totally unnecessary OP builds! I have a few ideas like a 3x damage Hunter bow, or 3x Fire Hunter bow…I'm not 100% familiar with all coils but here are a few setups:

Weapon Purpose Mods
Hunter Bow Fire D.O.T 3x Fire Mods
General Combat 3x Damage Mods
Sharpshot Bow High Impact Sniper 3x Damage Mods
General Combat 1x Damage, 1x Tear, 1x Handling
Add control 3x Handling
War Bow DPS Multiplier 3x Freeze Mods
Immobilise 3x Shock Mods
One-hit Corruption 3x Corruption Mods
Sling DPS Multiplier Freeze Mods?
Immobilise Shock Mods?
Damage over time Fire Mods?
Blast Sling Handling Mods?
Tripcaster DPS Multiplier Freeze Mods?
Immobilise Shock Mods?
Ropecaster Tether 3x Handling

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