Top 10 Gods More Annoying to Face than Loki

Last week I said I was going to do this….. o boy. Honestly every Smite god can be annoying to play against in any game mode. This is from my experience and if the player is good. It's less of how many times I was irritated and more of the ratio of times I was irritated and not irritated.

Sure Loki is an asshole, but he's just the tip of the iceberg compared to these in my opinion.

10. Arachne: She is pretty much the h1 m1 + w virus of the game. I'm serious. I you see her constantly ganking you with nobody on your team knowing about it, you might as well press F6. The ultimate is not ok either. It is pretty much a free aegis unless she gets CCed and dies before hand. It's great to start guys.

9. Fenrir: What's worse than Loki? His god damn son. This guy is impossible to kill sometimes because he's the tankiest assassin in the game I think. Not only that, his abilities are just… no. His 1 is a massive damaging ability that stuns if he gets his passive off. It can also be used as an escape. His 2 does more damage and gives him sustain. Good idea guys you just made him more unkillable. His 3 is a huge damaging ability which is immune to knockups. He scratches like a cat even though he's a dog and will follow dashes. Well that's more mobility. He can be stunned out of it so it's not completely broken. And his ultimate is CC immune and with full runes he has double protections. He also carries people and half hits them if built with enough damage and brings him back to his team or has the tower kill them for him. Piece of shit.

8. Xbalanque: Imagine someone being invisible who you can't see to fight, now imagine not being able to see your team or the enemy team for a short duration that could get you killed constantly. Yeah great. I'll also mention his CC immune 3 which can be annoying, but not as annoying compared to the ultimate which I was talking about before.

7. Scylla: She would have actually avoided the list, but playing against her recently has gotten so annoying because of her 1, 3, and ultimate. Her 2 does a lot of damage and slows, but that's not what pisses me off about her. Her 1 strangles you and I swear to god it's up too damn much. Her 3 gives her mobility when you want to get revenge on her for being such an asshole. And her ultimate is dumb because 75% extra movement speed and killing someone gives you the opportunity to do it again.

6. Serqet: She's on here for a different reason than the others. If you see a good serqet with a competent team, you just gotta press F6. They are that good of a player since so many people can't play her. They'd kick your ass with an other assassin too (although I think Awilix and Ne Zha are actually harder and Serqet isn't that hard). The season 4 patch made her better than she already is. When people say she has 4 escapes, it means her CC can be used as escapes from danger. Her 1 is the highest damaging dash in the game, crits, and removes protections. If you aim it down, you damage them 3 times. What? Her 2 taunts, makes people attack each other, or hell even double taunt. Her 3 is an invis and a leap. To be fair if you cancel out of it, it goes on cooldown and the leap has a short delay, but damn she has good mobility. And also her ultimate is 100% anti heal, does true damage (meaning fuck your armor), and if an exploded player or minion dies, it spreads. You can also do crazy shit like ride on Amaterasu's back while she's trying to kill you and manage to get away. You can also ult minions and get double kills. It actually happened in my favor once.

5. Odin: If you have a leap, not a big deal. If you don't, fuck you. Having to waste a relic spot for him and having a higher cool down than that ult is argh. Oh, he's the other anti heal god in the game with that cage. Don't forget his bird bomb jump combo. If Mario and Odin were in a I'm gonna kill you jump contest, Odin would win. I purposely build full damage and pen with Odin just to close to 1 shotting squishies with full health late game.

4. Geb: The shield is the only reason why he's on the list. I think the other team automatically has the advantage if they have a competent Geb on their team just because of the shield. So it makes the sometimes unkillable gods more unkillable. Fenrir yep, Serqet yep, Neith yep, Nox yep.

3. Nox: Her passive and ultimate are fine, it's her 1, 2, and 3 is what makes her stupid. Her 1 silences, cripples, roots and shit and half hits you late game with out the 2. Her 2 interrupts everything you're doing. Guess what, both abilities have low cooldown I swear. Her 2 is her wave clear so I understand why, but goddamn I think she actually has more cc than Ymir and Kumba at times. And lastly her 3 while a team can get in her way and accidentally keep her from chasing a kill, it's just bullshit that she can be in someone for 8 seconds and not take damage. Also she has great mobilites with it because Thanatos, Rat, Thor, Apollo, and Jing Wei can all be channels for her. Her dash and pop out of someone does insane damage. At least it's not as much as Serqet's dash.

2. The Morrigan: Boy I hate facing her. Her being able to stun while invisible, doom that does more damage with any other god's ability, and the ultimate especially when they pop out of somewhere as someone else after that god just used their ultimate. She's more annoying to face than Nox because she can turn into everyone, but I don't feel like she's complete bullshit and actually seems killable.

1. Neith: I can't stand this god. I don't need to go on to why she's a terrible character (annoying as fuck personality and voice). I'm just explaining her abilities. Her passive is the weaves stuff. I'm smart enough to avoid that stuff. When I have a team mate that doesn't and if the neith builds specifically for it, she can 2 shot squishies. This is no joke. Hydra's is so good on her it's stupid and imagine if she crits with that too. She's an ability based hunter that has good auto attacks so hydra's isn't bad. Her 2 I swear gives her too much health back. Oh yeah both her 1 and 2 are wave clears. Fantastic. Her 3 is a flip that is immune to damage, and also cancels some ults with CC. I saw it happen to Loki and Ares, and it happened to me as Serqet. I don't care, CC should cancel her leap like every other one and no Xbal's air dash spinning thing doesn't count as a leap. I wouldn't mind if all her other abilities weren't such bull shit and she's unkillable with a competent team. Her ult is probably the most cancerous ability in the game that takes no aim. Yes walls can block it off so in Siege and Conquest, she's not overpowered, but in every other game mode, fuck you. Oh yeah if another one of her teammates is near you, she can also aim at you. I'm so glad she's not nearly played as much. Still played a lot, but not every other game.

To be honest I like playing all these gods except Neith. She is so cringe worthy.

Should I do honorable mentions?

And also if you think someone is more annoying than Loki, tell me in the comments.

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