[TOOL] How to fix Placeables despawning NPC Camps

My server had a pretty significant population during the first week with 50-70 players on at all times. During that point, players were building stuff everywhere… before we realized that this was causing camps of NPC's to despawn.

After spending several hours last night with some players looking for items around the ship and other areas with no luck, I decided to write a small script that would make this much easier.

What It Does: You enter X/Y coordinates of an area and a distance to search from there. It will locate all "Placeables" in that region and provide their X/Y/Z coords so you can teleport to and destroy them.

How To Use: This is a PHP script so you will need a web-server that can run it. I personally just use WAMP as its easy. Grab a recent backup of your server's "game.db" database and place this in the same directory as the script. Change the top 3 settings to meet your needs, then run it to get the print out of nearby player items.

If you are unsure how to use this or have more questions, just shoot me a private message and I will be happy to help. The default coordinates specified in the script are for the NPC Ship in the North East, one of the most common places that this has been a problem for other servers.

Edit For those curious… turned out to be a bedroll hidden in some bushes nearby causing it (embarrassing part was it was from a new player in my clan). As soon as I destroyed this, the ship started working again on restart.

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