Tonight the WoW community really turned me off as a tank

I always pug lots of groups as a tank (NA/Horde I like meeting new people), earlier today, I started my m+ week with a hov+13, we only 2 chested at 1min close. But hey it's bolstering skittish fortified with 3 melees so it's pretty tight anyway.

Anyway, coming back 3hours later, I'm like "ok let's see, +13 VoW 900+, they need a tank". Join the group. Halfway flying there, kicked out of the group. Then I tried a "CoS+12", join the group,

– "uh, you are too low in life, you only have 4.3M"

– "Yeah it's skittish week, I run devastator/booming voice/avatar"

– "Still you should be at 5M life"

– "Sure, I was tank till Nighthold was released, then I changed guild and now my main spec is Fury, I'm only 40 traits in tank, but that's isn't a problem…"

kicked out of the group.

Then I try a last one, another CoS+13. Same thing, kicked out for being too low life.

I mean. I'm going to watch a movie, I'm turned off for tonight. I just wanna raise awareness to these "wanna be" pro-players, that during skittish week, you better maximize your DPS as a warrior tank with +strength trinkets (darkmoon card/nightbane urn) than going with stamina ones. And with the Devastator talent than with the Indomitable one.

With the HoV+13 earlier. I only lost aggro 2 times for like 4sec max, where I can simply intercept the targeted if no taunt available in the meanwhile. Didn't die once.

I wispered people from these groups to kindly wish them a good night and good luck. But I feel if having a 900+ geared, 4p, KM achievement and 40 traits if not enough to be a tank pug, then add it to your description that you want a top 100 guild's main tank in your PUG. Else I hope I raised a bit of awareness to those who wanna be elitists that yeah, it is ok to have 4.3M life and tank your +13. Tanking with skittish is already stressing enough for a tank. Don't be like that crazy for your key on a Wednesday… At worst we get one chest if your DPS is good enough and know how to stun/interrupt.

Anyway, if you read till here, I wish good loot and a stable connection!

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