Tomorrow is patch day and the first day EAC will become live on the public client. Here’s why this is a bad thing.

Edit: 4.3 is being pushed out Wednesday

Curious about the signed drivers problem? This is HirezCapslock’s response:

In essence, this means that if you are using Playstation Controllers or other unsigned devices, you are out of luck.

After countless posts about EAC and pleas for HiRez to respond, there has still been a distinct lack of response. Tomorrow, EAC will be pushed out to all Smite players with patch 4.3 and this is not a good thing.

EAC has done nothing so far in the PTS to prevent speedhacking: the only form of hacking prevalant in Smite

Here is one video example of speedhacking still occuring on the PTS where EAC is currently active.

Here is another

To reiterate a comment I posted before, why is EAC being implemented if it is unable to stop Smite’s only form of hacking anyways?

EAC is regarded as weak and ineffective

EAC has a pretty well known reputation in all the games it has been used in as easily bypassable and worthless as an anticheat. Punkbuster literally works better than EAC.

EAC requires you to have Driver Signature Enforcement enabled

Here is a more detailed thread about why this is a bad thing. Unsigned drivers allow players to use controllers and other devices to play the game. Turning DSE on is impossible for them.

Remember that game For Honor that just came out? Here is the top post of all time on their subreddit detailing examples of players getting banned because of driver issues.

EAC is well known to be spyware and intrusive (in Counter Strike)

EAC can screenshot your screen at any time and upload it to their publicly available website found here. Yes, this is mainly for Counter-Strike, but doesn’t it concern you that an anticheat software has the capacity to capture your screen whenever it wants and upload it for the world to see?

This is not to mention that EAC contains a keylogger as well that is being used in Counter-Strike. No, I’m not suggesting some sort of conspiracy theory where EAC says they only use it in CS but actually log everything, but my main concern is that an anticheat should not have these things.

EAC will not review your ban

This is directly from their Support section:

All EAC bans are permanent – EasyAntiCheat has a zero-tolerance policy for cheating and will not lift EAC bans on request. If a round of EAC bans is determined to have been issued incorrectly, they will be automatically reversed by our servers. Creating a Support ticket will not cause your ban to be removed.

We all know how well zero tolerance policies work in the real world. Although it may seem improbable, false positives can happen. If EAC won’t even review an appeal, how can we be assured that our accounts are safe? This is distinctly different from current HiRez policy of reviewing bans through a human point of contact. Current HiRez suspension policy can be found here.

EAC will not tell you why you were banned

Again directly from their support page:

The details of the ban will not be provided. We will not disclose the cheats that were detected while connected to a EAC secured server. We have detailed records for each EAC ban; however releasing this information will only benefit cheat developers. The EAC team is continuously investigating EAC bans when users claim them to be false.

The truth of the matter, HiRez, is that Smite has a hacking problem. We see speedhackers ever so often. However, that problem is nowhere near large scale nor is it even near mid-sized. Hackers in Smite are rare and few. Why can’t we continue to have a dedicated moderator team review reports and hand out punishments? Is putting a third party program that is intrusive, impersonal, and prevents a significant amount of people from playing with DSE off necessary?

I’m more than confident that tomorrow, many people will be posting about being unable to launch their games because of the host of issues that EAC has while the hackers on the PTS continue to play like normal.

That being said, I can confidently say that EAC will be pushed out to the game tomorrow anyways seeing the lack of HiRez response so far. So, here is a good help page about how to whitelist EAC with your antivirus and how to fix it if something goes wrong.

Any opinions?

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