Today I had a 100% rate of at least one person in my team getting disconnected from the match.

This is getting silly. I just played 4 matches of conquest and in each of those matches someone got kicked from the server.

  • In my first match thanatos got kicked when he was level 6 and never came back. We had to surrender.
  • In my second match our Jungler got disconnected upon arriving in solo lane and came back 5 minutes later. She started from 5 levels behind and we got rekt early.
  • Match number 3 two people got disconnected but came back really quick.
  • 4th match we were winning hard but our Supp gets disconnected and comes back 10 minutes later saying "fucking servers wouldnt let me reconnect". Enemies were already killing the second phoenix. We lost that match.

Yeah… so 75% of my matches were lost due to being 4v5. I really want to love this game, but the managment by hirez is completely ruining it for me. Just imagine this would have been ranked and not casual… just imagine how much TP you would have lost. I dont understand how people are still buying gems when they are giving a fk about their customers. The servers have been terrible since closed beta and back then they said it will get better, but nothing ever happened.

They have already killed Tribes and Global Agenda. Both were pretty good games, just like smite, but they mismanaged too and they had to shut down. I am just frustrated and pretty sure I will never touch a hirez product again. This was the last time they fooled me.

edit: in match 3 it was actually two different people on my team getting kicked from the server. edit2: okay, tribes hasnt shut down it is just on life support with 30 people playing it when I last checke.

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