To everyone thinking this game is too easy and/or has too many bugs and sucks

First of all I want to thank Ubisoft for letting me participate in this beta, it was lots of fun and I can see this game becoming quite a good game.

There's too many of you expecting this game to be 100 % like it will be in the final version. But remember that if you have rants about the game, don't talk shit on forums and expect the game to magically change.

Submit it to ubisoft's forums and tell them in a decent way what you think is wrong and improvements you would like to see. I understand the need to discuss it here, but ranting and shit-throwing doesn't help anyone.

Second, I want to tell you how to make the game a challenge for yourself. If you for instance have played Arma or want to have a more realistic feel to the fight; keep reading.

In the gameplay options you have alot of freedom. You and your friends should open this menu and take a look. You can turn of UI elements and configure it pretty much how you want to.

To give it a better feel, I suggest turing off markers, minimap and enemy tags and whatever elese you want. Perhaps even the ammo.

Now it will be much harder to find where you need to go, and you won't know if you're being spottet. So if you're taking down a base, you can possition yourselves around the base, start scouting the place, count enemies and make a strategy on how to take them out. Maybe you should have a sniper ready to take down targets if the spotters think an enemy is far enough away from the others to get killed. Then use tactics and talk to eachother to figure out enemy patterns and numbers. Assign targets, have a team leader, pick out targets on your own with "syncshot" where you assign the targets.

Trust me, this will make the game alot more frustrating and so much more rewarding to play!

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