Recruiting all Captains & Crew!!


We are an Independent Gaming Community that invites players as equal individuals to gather and play games. We are currently seeking brave Captains and Crew to fill our personal server hosted in BLACKWAKE. We currently serve North American, European, and Oceanic Regional Gamers! STEAM GROUP

|TM| Server

We currently host our own 54 player Blackwake Server:



What are we looking for?

THE MOTHERSHIP is seeking individuals who are interested in being Captains, Crew, Moderators, Event Coordinators, Competitive Players, Casual Players, and Newcomers alike to join our Fleet as we sail the High Seas and destroy our opposition with No Mercy!

What are our expectations?

We expect folks to act accordingly. Listen to your Captains and make critical/logical recommendations to players. Work as a team and above all else, HAVE FUN!

Ship Positions for Blackwake:

Captain of Ship (Mature players who understand tactics and have the ability to lead)

Gunner (Reloads, Repairs, and Fires Cannons)

Carpenter (Fixes Ship, helps ressuply, mans the pumps)

Members are not required to attend mandatory meetings or events unless they plan on being a part of our COMPETITIVE TEAM. You are also welcome to freely play with any groups where you may have friends, but of course, hope that you will make 'The Mothership' your home.

'The Mothership' serves as a platform for like minded individuals to exchange and share their passion for gaming. Join our Discord today and join the fun!


Community Page: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/the-mothership-official

_^ -Fleet Command- _^

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