[Tip] Fluidity (spear mystic art) and spear stance change (Spear high stance skill) doesn’t ruin flux (unlike what people mistakenly think).

I've seen multiple people complaining about fluidity and thinking it's a bad mystic art for the spear

because when they switch stances and the spear stance change skill activates (doing an extra attack when you ki pulse, allowing you to continue a combo) they see no extra gain in their ki.

so naturally they assume that it breaks flux and want to avoid picking those 2 skills.

i was confused from this as well until i realized what was happening, it triggers flux then INSTANTLY deducts ki for performing the extra attack = you see that you gained back the red part of your ki bar without getting any extra on top.

in reality what happened is that the extra part was consumed by the attack. (it's not a free attack, you still spend ki to do it).

this is similar to how when you get the skill that allows you to do a ki pulse by dodging, you will regain your ki THEN spend some of it performing the dodge.

with flux 2 you will begin to notice a net gain once again because the recovered amount of ki will be larger than the amount spent by the attack.

TLDR: spear stance change doesn't break flux because the extra attack consumed the extra ki.

its superb once you adjust your playstyle around it, especially when combined with the spear mystic art fluidity because then ANY stance change (from low to medium for example), will count as if you went into high then did the spear stance change into medium, therefore it will automatically trigger flux 2 all the time even when you switched stances once. allowing you to be VERY aggressive with stance switching while not running out of ki.

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