Time for me to take a break. 170 hours in 3 weeks. How many for you?

Man, it's been a good time. A lot of frustration. A lot of fun. Lots of time helping other people, and some time being helped myself. I've nearly completed the game on NG+ now. Only at +6 weapons and level 170. Could get a lot higher quickly but not that motivated right now. With so many new games coming out it's time for me to put Nioh on the shelf for a bit. Horizon Zero Dawn is coming tomorrow, Nintendo Switch and Zelda on Friday, Nier Automata next Tuesday, Mass Effect, Dark Souls 3 final DLC, Persona 5, and the list goes on of other good games coming soon.

I actually can't believe I put so many hours in, especially in such a short period of time. It doesn't feel like I spent that much time. More than I put into BB (no chalices) and Dark Souls 3 ng and ng+1.

Nioh has been great, but the grind for perfect gear isn't too interesting for me right now. It's also largely because of so many other games coming as well, as I mentioned before.. Great music and good boss fights, cool mechanics and general variety. Only real complaints are lack of enemy variety and some music was repeated too much.

Anyway, how many hours have you all put in? What progress have you made? What are your plans for this game and others?

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