TIL About a delay in firing your gun when sprinting OR why I’ve always sucked with a shotgun since yr 1

On Saturday I was playing some Control and having just a really rough time. I was trying to get use to hand cannons as primary and I was also experimenting with different secondaries (not side arms). I decided to use a shotgun. I was on Pantheon, staying out of sniper lanes running past B point and an enemy guardians pops up out of no where. I panic fired my gun, but nothing happened – he killed me with a side arm.

Ok ok, lets' try that again. I pick up special, I run straight for a crowd of people, and fire the gun, no luck. Gun just wouldn't fire. What the h e double hockey sticks is going on.

I load up into a private match with myself and start running around the map trying to fire my guns. Here's what I've learned and I can't believe I never noticed.

When you're in sprint, your weapon isn't in a ready position. If while you're sprinting you fire your gun you will be taken out of your sprint, your weapon will return to its ready position and then you can fire the gun. I don't have concrete numbers, but it feels like a full second of time when coming out of sprint before you can fire your gun.

This happens with all weapons, primary, secondary. Everything. I became so aware of all these times I ran into a gun fight with a primary and had it lock up on me leading to my death. It's crazy I never noticed it. I think full auto weapons suffer badly from this. If you're sprint and go to fire the weapon in full auto, you'll have to let go and reactivate the trigger before it'll fire. It's just stuck, granted I only tested Last Word so YMMV?

So I also started testing other methods of movement and firing while in sprint. If you sprint and jump (single jump), for example, you still have a delay before your gun fires. The ONLY way to fire your gun while in full movement speed is to slide first. Sliding is exempt from this delay even when firing your primary you can do it while sliding. In year 1 I only even slid shotgun so as far as I knew everything was working as intended.

I'm sure a lot of other people probably already know this, but for me 2 years into the game and 1200 hours played it was eye opening. So many battles I've lost because I was stuck in a sprint / ready weapon lock.

SGA TL;DR: If you sprint to the fight, slide when you get there. Slide all the time, even when someone pops out from out of no where. Slide shoot them.

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