TIFU by looking at my vault on PS3

My favorite gun in the game is the Eyasluna. It's dependable, versatile, and for all intents and purposes, I can equip it for any activity and generally have an easy time.

I didn't start dedicating much time to this game until I got my PS4, and beyond that, I didn't really care about endgame until around mid-TTK content drought. I got my PS4 with TTK and I didn't touch Destiny on my PS3 after January 2016.

Fast forward to Pre-RoI/RoI me, I'm hunting for the best rolls on all my armor and guns. I've used about 100 skeleton keys since September – all on Imago/Grasp chests – BEGGING RNGesus to bless me with a Fakebringer or a HH/HLS Grasp (never got one). But truth be told, I spent most of my time in classic rumble trying to be blessed with a baby hawkmoon.

I had a few decent rolls, sure. One had Explosive rounds. The one I keep, "old faithful" has Steadyhand/Relentless Tracker/Braced Frame/LITC. Not perfect, but I like the Max Stability.

So Today I log in on my PS3. I'm looking through my vault for cool stuff, I see a Boolean Gemini, I see a Righteous VII. But what's this?

an unupgraded Eyasluna

"lol let's see how bad my luck was back then"

330, not locked

"it probably has Exhumed and Rescue Mag with Feather Mag and Mutiny"

I inspect it

You know what roll I got on this. I couldn't bullshit this if I had to.

Sureshot IS


Rifled Barrel


my luck. i didn't cry. i swear i didn't.

TL;DR Been hunting for a decent roll Eyasluna for months, log in on my PS3 and see that I've deleted the god roll.

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