Tier 3 – 4 Crafting Thrall, And What They Make List.

I have not seen an actual compiled list of all the T3/T4 Crafter Thralls, and there details of what they do, what they make etc. SO. With community help we can fill this in and have ONE thread to rule them all. I will do my best to stay on top of this with edits as people feed info.

List of known T4 Thrall.

  1. Irda Sparkeyes – Smelter Smelts shit really fast, Unable to check conversion ratio as i was banned from LongShot Diplomacy Server.
  2. Arvad of Akbitan – WeaponSmith – Exceptional/Flawless Daggers.
  3. Jokr Ironfist – ArmorSmith – Reduced crafting materials required. Not sure exact Ratio, but it was ALOT for steel armor/weps. No Special Recipes.
  4. Luba the Luscious – Dancer (rumor is does nothing different from other dancers same buffs etc)
  5. Vanko the Fearsome – Taskmaster – Breaks Thrall Faster
  6. Jogunheim Horseshoe – Armorsmith – Exceptional Light Armor set Flawless Light Armor set
  7. Bragoras the Baker – Cook – Baker just increases craft speed, doesn’t give any recipes.
  8. Daya Leaddrinker – Smelter – Smelts shit really fast, Unable to check conversion ratio as i was banned from LongShot Diplomacy Server.
  9. Talitha Goldfingers – BlackSmith Exceptional/Flawless Daggers
  10. Hyam Hammerhand – BlackSmith – Flawless Longsword/Exceptional Longsword
  11. Maev the Magnificent BlackSmith Exceptional Long Sword, Flawless Long Sword.
  12. Beli the Breaker – TaskMaster – Breaks Thrall Faster
  13. Olena the Oathmaker – Olena Oathmaker is a slaver…She’s also bugged and sometimes spawns as a “Do not use” npc. Can’t tell what race she is, but she definitely goes in the slave wheels. Not sure what her % increase is though compared to regular slavers. – InsaneMoose .
  14. Than Hammerblow, Armorer – Exceptional Light Armor (set), Flawless Light Armor (set) — a little disappointing for the time it takes to break
  15. Alumit Anvilbrow – Exceptional/Flawless Daggers
  16. Conal The Hammer – Exceptional Long Sword, Flawless Long Sword.
  17. Diana Steelshaper – Nothing?
  18. Hodur The Humble – Carpenter
  19. Rayno The Rosewood – Carpenter
  20. Vatessa The Potent – Cook
  21. Galacus The Gourmand – Cook
  22. Siygn The Woodworker – Carpenter
  23. Ros-Crana o’ The Dells – Carpenter

TIER 3 CRAFTERS Props to DeadliestSinPride and Joemidnight for big chunks of data.

  • Shemite Blacksmith III – Exceptional Iron Poniard
  • Stygian Blacksmith III – Exceptional Stygian Khopesh
  • Hyborian Blacksmith III – Exceptional Iron Broadsword
  • Zingarian Blacksmith III – Exceptional Cutlass
  • Cimerian BlackSmith III
  • Nordheimer BlackSmith III *Exceptional Long Sword 380 durability, 64 damage
  • Armorer Tier III Nordheimer Armorer III Cimnerian Armorer III * Exceptional steel Heater Shield 530 durability, 57 damage
  • Stygian Armorer III *Stygian Shield 180 durability, 38 damage
  • Hyrkanian Armorer III – Exceptional Light armor (set)
  • Hyborian, Zamorian, Shemite, Zingarian III armorsmiths produce no rare recipes.


  • Hyborian Carpenter III – Exceptional Crossbow
  • Shemite Carpenter III -Exceptional Hunting Bow
  • Cimmerian, Hyrkanian, Nordheimer, Stygian, Zamorian, Zingarian, Tier III Produce. Nothing.

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