Thrall Breaking Times – (Survey)

Hello Exiles!

I have been looking around for this bit of information and have not been able to find it anywhere. So I wanted to create this survey to help with gathering information for the community.

I made a crafting speed and fuel ratio spreadsheet to help players determine how much fuel they REALLY do need (its not as much as most think). I want to try and figure out the times it takes to break thralls of different levels and classes.

If you are pretty certain about how long it takes to break a certain thrall of a certain level and specialization please go to the survey and submit the information you know.

How To Submit

  • Go to the link below and click on "Submitting Information" and follow the instructions from there.
  • Please be mindful of the level and specialization before submitting
  • Some servers have crafting speed multipliers, be sure to check them in "Settings -> server settings and if its not 1.0 divide the estimated time to that new number.

Current Predictions Since making this spreadsheet I think I can predict the times of thrall breaking but I want to be sure and i'm not entirely sure if breaking an archer lvl 2 is the same has a tanner lvl 2. Currently I believe based on 1.0 crafting time:

  • lvl 1 = 3 hours
  • lvl 2 = 6 hours
  • lvl 3 = 12 hours
  • Named = 24 hours

Link to Survey

Link to Crafting Spreadsheet

Thanks! Happy Hunting

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