Thoughts on thrall AI

so after reading the little i could find on the settlement system that is planned for the future, i was thinking about how it would work from a players/mechanics side to create something that worked well and created a good conflict point.

initially the thought of placing waypoints, and setting behaviours for a large city guard, or even a mining party with guards, seemed incredibly tedious, and i think i came up with a neat way to handle it.

Slavers, we already have them in game so the fact the thralls are slaves should play an intricate role in how they are eventually controlled.

enter Captains. basically the captains would be AI leaders for groups you create. once you place a captain you can access him like you would a furnace. captains based on rank could be granted more slots, but guards and non bench bound workers would be slotted in to the captain just like they would the wheels of pain.

within this screen basic group behaviours could be assigned to individual units. ex. 6x workers, 2x guards, 1x archer, 1x Camel. the 6 workers could be assigned to resources and them on the camel until it is full and to a vault to store them in. the guards could be assigned and the archer as simply .

the captain would act like a hero unit in the total war series maintaining control of the unit, if the captain is killed the thralls are freed and would begin to fight any players near them and flee. before the captain is killed the thralls will attempt to protect him at all costs.

the bulk of movement and programmed commands would revolve around the captains freeing up the lesser thralls to simply follow behaviours rather than worry too much about their own pathing. once a thrall is added to a captain a second placement projection of that thrall would appear and be placeable. for mobile captains the thralls would attempt to maintain their formation based upon where they were placed in relation to the captain. in cities this would allow you to place archers on platforms with a stationary captain, or troops in wall or box formations with mobile captains. higher ranked captains are better defended with higher tier armours and can have a larger host

just some brain storming i though i would share this also seems like a neat way to address groups with the purge and an even greater purpose for those unique enemies that come with it.

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