Thoughts on the game and the ending

Hi everyone

Just reached Platinum yesterday and I must say like most people here i absolutely loved this game. Most engaging story since Assassins Creed 2 and Witcher 3. Ok, so my thoughts on the ending:


  • I loved the story, especially the stuff in Makers End, Grave Hog and GAIA Prime. The actual ending felt a bit rushed somehow. Fairly obvious cliffhanger with HADES and Sylens. No rebooting or conversation with GAIA (would've been very cathartic, especially since Aloy essentially is Elisabeth, GAIA's "mother".)
  • We don't know where the signal that sent the sub systems rogue originated from, others mentioned a potential sabotage by the swarm. Could also be a traitor in ZD. Somehow Faro seems to easy though.
  • We know Faro sabotaged APOLLO out of guilt and ignorance (fucking idiot Ted). He said he deleted all backups. But either HADES has access to the data or it just has another massive source of knowledge. Sylens mentions this.
  • I really hope in a sequal (or long DLC) we find out that there's another backup to APOLLO. Would open up very interesting story opportunities. You could imagine different factions wanting Apollo for themselves and not share it with others.
  • Sylens obviously wants more knowledge now that he is potentially in control of HADES. Could also be the other way around. But somehow I don't think this is a Wormtail/Voldemort situation. You'd think Sylens would be too smart for this. But acquiring the knowledge of the old ones is his primary goal I suppose.
  • I half thought Sylens spear in HADES was going to represent some arthurian excalibur type situation. But Aloy is still around so she keeps being the protagonist (and who would disagree).
  • Could the lightkeeper protocol potentially clone Faro and others? Maybe HADES or the unknown entity is going to do something along those lines. Though I don't see what use that would be.
  • To finish of. I think anything that comes after will have something to do with APOLLO, the fight for it,, rebooting GAIA, deceit by the unknown entity and Sylens being Sylens.


What do you guys think?

edit: I don't think I unlocked all of Elisabets journals in the last quest. Weird.

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