Thoughts on Markers and Season Challenges

I am all for immersion and realism in games like this, as much as can be expected I guess, but to me it almost seems like there may be an element within the game that is almost missing to increase the players situational awareness with either visual or auditory queues when markers are not being used?

I recently had turned them back on to complete one of the Challenges for the week. I have NEVER had them on since I purchased the game. But there are NO auditory queues in the game, at least to my knowledge, that the soldier I am looking at through my binoculars with markers off, that he is a regular guy or a veteran.

When in the game have we ever had to care if they were veterans or not in any other case? To add to the whole marker situation and season challenges, to me it would be great to see some more effort on Ubisoft’s part to help players be a little more immersed into what they are being asked to do.

As a business they have to understand that people are going to take the hard road to tailor their experience in the game to their taste and they may have the HUD elements OFF. What was done to ensure those players were not put at an unnecessary disadvantage due to lack of in game visual or auditory queues? What was done to ensure that I had the ability to maintain a minimal HUD to complete your challenge?

Yeah, I could as a player go around and take the time to learn what the veterans all look like and where they like to typically hang out. But like… If I am getting orders from the States shouldn’t they have some recon pictures of regular attire so that at least I know what they look like from the fiction in the game standpoint?

I was thinking had I spent more time earlier this week investing time into the challenges it would have been cool to put something up here that had recon pictures of what Heavies and Veterans looked like so that it felt more like a real briefing. Something like, “SB Veterans have been stepping up their efforts to better train their foot soldiers to handle the increased pressure from the Rebels and increasing tensions between with Unidad. Nothing would send a stronger message that what they are doing is not enough then to find veterans with broken necks.” That as even a subtitle to an image of what the guy looks like would have been awesome.

In other words, more information about WHY you are being asked to do what you are doing and how it fits into the grand scheme of the operation in Bolivia as a whole.

I mean… That doesn’t take much effort to put players into a frame of mind that they are being tasked to do something for a reason other than just seeing a bar with a number and what you are supposed to do to fill it… This isn’t a title that has been known for that EVER in my mind.

I mean if we’re playing as badass soldiers part of a top tier military special forces unit, treat us like businessmen tasked to be operators and get the stuff done. Not like “need to know basis” peons… To me it wouldn’t be hand holding to have your operations commander tell me what they look like or tell me why they need to be offed. We’re not a hit squad… We are operating under the ROE.

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