Thoughts on how special ammo has changed the game.



Special ammo economy is still a hot topic around here, and I think that’s great because despite being a little salty at times, this remains a place for constructive discourse.

I feel compelled to weigh in, because after two weeks, I feel like a lot of collateral damage has been done to the way the game is played, and under the circumstances I don’t feel super optimistic about the immediate future of the crucible.

Why I disagree with the special ammo change:

1 Ammo perks are pointless.

What good is 12 rounds in your sniper if you never live long enough to use them? Plus it invalidates a major time investment for folks who spent a year grinding perfect chest pieces.

2 Ammo stats on special weapons are irrelevant, which waters-down customization.

I traded in my 1000yd for Glass Promontory so I could load in with 12 rounds with double sniper perks on my Warlock. I keep the LDR on my Titan, cus she’s usually wearing an exotic chest – that’s the only way to get 12 rounds there. Building different loadouts this way added a lot of depth to my experience – I hate to see it go.

3 Without special ammo, you’re engagement options are limited.

Success in crucible is all about choosing your engagements. Spawning with only one weapon ready limits which engagements you’re able to pursue. I think more options is more fun.

4 So special ammo is still an advantage, and still available. IF YOU WAIT FOR IT.

I used to know when the crates would spawn. When time came I’d do a lap, grab a couple bricks, and go back to the fun stuff. Now I have no idea when a given crate is coming up. I could ignore it, but I still want the ammo – it’s powerful stuff. Problem is, sitting next to ammo boxes for 15 seconds at a time is boring AF, and takes me out of the fight. IMO ammo crates shouldn’t dictate my movement, the engagements should.

5 Limited access to special discourages me from playing maps in different ways.

I used to feel like I could run HC/sniper anywhere. Now, on larger maps I usually just bust out a pulse so I don’t have to worry so much about positioning. And I’m sure as hell not using Jade Rabbit on Anomoly without a reliable flow of fusion ammo. My loadouts used to focus more on complimentary weapons to cover my ranges. Now i feel like the map dictates my loadout.

6 Workarounds abound (WELCOME TO THE LOOPHOLE META).

Last year when they removed initial spawn ammo in 3’s, people were playing Trials with 170LL Icebreakers. We saw this coming. I get that we’ll always have a meta, but this one is based on a handful of weapons that completely evade a core game mechanic.

7 Heavy is kinda ridiculous now.

It’s bad in 6’s but in 3’s it’s really silly. With special you could at least trade. Now? Good luck shutting down three Silvered Dreads after you got Nova Bombed on at the heavy crate.

8 Finally, and most importantly, the special ammo change seems like a direct response to the dominance of high-impact shotguns (100% speculation, I know), and unfairly punishes fusions and snipers.

Many will disagree, but I don’t think other specials were a problem. You don’t keep your sniper out the whole match with flinch the way it is these days. And honestly I think all fusions should be as good as Saladin’s. It’s bad enough when innocent low-impact shotguns get nerfed for the sins of others, but now they’ve effectively nerfed fusions and snipers as well.

Ultimately, I’d rather see a real solution for shotguns. Seems to me most nerfs have aimed simply to decrease consistency, and that never made sense to me. Inconsistency does NOT feel good in a shooter. That’s why everyone lost their absolute shit over “ghost bullets.” I could be dead wrong, but I feel like there’s a creative solution out there.

(I don’t know how to make videogames, but…) the 2-burst Hopscotch was so OP they changed the impact class. What if every Matador was a Two to the Morgue, or a Comedian? Would we be having this conversation right now? Or just flat out reduce the range – might even make 2-tapping with high-ROF types viable. Or what if shotguns only OHK at 4 meters, but they undid all the accuracy and handling nerfs and doubled all the equip speeds?

I don’t know what the solution is, but in the meantime I want my fucking sniper back I’m adjusting to the new sandbox! I am happy to see more primaries, that’s for sure. Thanks for reading – would love to hear what you guys think of this.

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