Thought I’d share this sweet piece of guild drama with you

This just happened in my mythic raiding guild and I thought it was funny/relatable for you guys, so here's the story:

So we were raiding Spellblade for the third night in a row. GM was extremely salty and that point and near the end of the night he decided to take this last pull and judge on it who stays in or out for the night. He told us "Who dies is out, no exceptions". He and his friend (another RL) die to stupid shit. Keks on teamspeak going on, leading to GM going ballistic. He throws everyone out of the raid who died, except him and his friend, people ask why and call him a hypocrite.

Thus it starts. People are getting fed up after the GM breakdown and leave before the night ends, leaving the core raid only with half the healers needed. Fast forward half an hour. People are still arguing and suddenly GM decides to cancel raiding for the next week, until people "see their mistakes". The next half hour in guild chat was a massacre, people accusing each other of playing like shit, saying the GM should step down etc.. In the end lots of people over the next week seem to have /gquit'd, leaving almost none of the core raiding team to raid with. GM still convinced that he was in the right and going on rants over people. Left the guild in the end too, don't know why the GM that raidnight was so toxic but it definetly is out of character for him. Mythic raiding really seems to bring out the worst in people somtimes.

Anyway, this was just a small story I wanted to share with you, hope you enjoyed it.

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