This was my first weekend with the game, but I’m already in love!

TLDR: it's awesome, I can't wait for the final game

I was following the sub reddit since January, watched a few streams, and of course I tried to get a beta key in some giveaways. Start of last week, I said "f it, I'm gonna preorder that sh*t. PU deserves my money for all the fun I had in the past" – now that the pre-orders are sold out due to server capacities, I'm proud of that decision.

I have quite a history playing FPS. I started with the first beta version of CS (yes, the ancient one, beta 5.2), and, to keep it short, have about 500 hours in Arma BR. In fact, BR made me buy Arma 🙂 I took a look at h1z1 BR but didn't really like the game mechanics, it was too arcade-y for my taste. Arma has its weaknesses, but I've never felt that kind of depth and tension in any other game or mode. PU, you really did an amazing job!

This weekend, I was able to spend about 10 hours in the game, and boy, this is GOOD!


What I like:

  • Gun mechanics. I think PU managed to find a mixture of Arma and BF4 (in a good way): sufficient amount of different scopes (which fit all weapons), almost perfect ballistics (I managed a clean juan deage with an M4 in my first round against a guy about 200m away, running parallel), nice variety in weapons.
  • Sound engine. While the gun sounds could use some velocity/depth, they nailed the directional aspect. I had no problems pinpointing someone who was shooting at me, and if others say the weren't able to locate their enemies (or want hit markers, wtf?) you should work on your game sense or buy proper equipment. Sorry guys, but this game is perfect for that matter.
  • The fact that you can ALT-freelook, scope in while still holding the ALT key, and be still looking in the same direction.
  • Too much to recall 🙂


What I didn't like:

  • at first, I had to figure out how to loot and interact with doors. It took me a while to figure out that you have to stand still for a short moment to be able to pick stuff up or open a door. I just had to get used to it.
  • so far, I have not found a "manual" for the game (when should I use bandages/energy drinks?) resp. its UI (how does the life bar work? What exactly does the vertical bar during parachuting resemble? )
  • the initial looting phase could be a few minutes longer. I'm the guy that wants to stay away from action during the first moments of a game and loot the outer cities, but this is hard to do when the circle RNG isn't on your side. I had to rush the first circle with only a pistol or a shotgun a few times.
  • when you place a marker on your map, you should see the distance to that marker (like in Arma)
  • Swimming is kind of… ugly. Changing depth should be possible by just swimming and looking up and down.


What the game needs:

  • A better compass. We already had some suggestions, using a black outline and white text – yes please!
  • The ability to ALT-freelook in first person (currently, your character turns around)
  • Better driving physics. The Dacia is faster than the buggy and I'm fine with it, but you should only be able to use it to its full potential on proper roads, not cross country.
  • A list of players that I'm playing with (like Arma), but maybe not during the lobby to prevent players from quitting when they see good players
  • A practice mode or shooting range, but this has already been confirmed to be included in the game
  • An indicator for when I'm using push to talk
  • Show me my ping!


I'm sure I forgot a lot… but thx for reading 🙂 see you on the battlegrounds!

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