This game ruined the definition and the act of games for me, anyone else ?

Okay "clikcbait" title aside and before you raise your pitchforks: I love Nier: Automata, I whole heartedly do. But. Ever since I finished the 5 endings on sunday, I cannot for the life of me justify to myself playing anything else. I return home from work, eager to waste away the rest of the day, but I just can't bring myself to play. I got HZD, why bother ? I got Gravity Rush 2, kewl, where did I stop ? hm I played lol frequently as well, can't bring myself to queue up. I got a backlog of Dishonored 2, For Honor, Deus Ex and other stuff. This game made me crave this particular experience so much, that I can't bring myself to play games, that just don't satisfy this crave. I even went so far as to "waste away" watching the nier playthrough, a game I stopped playing after 12 hours, I hate myself for that.

Tl;dr: Yoko Taro the fricken genius, has ruined gaming for me, at least for a while to come, because the experience of the Nier titles, is just.. so different yet so good.

Anyone else experiencing this symptome ?

EDIT: Yoko Taro has cut us OFF the gaming network and now we roam aimlessly through this landscape of mostly plain games. Furthermore we try to find games as good as this "become as gods". To this we should say " This cannot continue".

Sorry I had to ='D

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