This game needs a hub world

Wouldn't it be great if we had access to the story mode maps to roam around in and talk to other players while we're not in PVP ? Ubisoft could put in NPC as well from whom could purchase steel crates, make changes, deploy war assets and customise our character like destiny has. Voice chat could be available so talking to other players would be possible. And of course, the hubs would be divided based on faction. That way there's more use and camaraderie to choosing a faction instead of just deploying war assets. I think this would be a great idea to replace the current menu we have. It would make the game a bit more 'online' and interactive than it currently is, and most importantly, actually help facilitate the communication of gameplay information and provide a place for the community to interact.

There should also be an exit point for the maps when players want to go into PVP, with there being different exits for the different modes. And for brawl, players should enter the map from opposite ends, forcing them to find the other players and giving them the leeway to choose to play 2 1v1's or a proper 2v2, instead of the current system where 2 1v1's is highly encouraged.

The current menu should still be kept, so players who don't wish to go through all this won't have to.

I understand that all this might be a bit difficult to implement, but I still think it'd help add to the appeal of the game.

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