This game is ludicrously good. Jesus Christ the state of it.

Long Spiel – I wrote a reply to the speechless post below saying I hadn't played a game since BioShock in 2006 – which is completely true, unless you count monument valley and you'd figure you have to – but oh my God tonight this game.

I bought a PS4 Pro because I had cash and I played a bit of Drake and Firewatch but hang on a minute this thing is unreal? I know well I'm not the only one – but this game is surreally good. I've read quite a bit about how they've basically drawn on pretty much everything to hand – but I'm still trying to get a handle on how this thing is as good as it feels.

The tribal thing is great – lots of formalised positions that helps sell interactions, you're in a mindbogglingly beautiful world, she's set apart for valid reasons, no one has an M16, and playing it, you have really great reasons to slip past a lot of the beasts because they will completely go for you. Making a lot of what you face be wild mechanical creatures kind of feels like a genius stroke? They're not security, or assassins, they're wild creatures and I get I need some of their stuff, but I'd want to have a real reason to get into it?

Also the interactions are properly well scripted, and everyone acts? Everyone acts in this thing for real. There's two shots and good line delivery. Hello. That side quest guy who had the medicine living up in the shack was a complete prat – and her interactions with him were on the money. And the view I got walking up to that prat was FUCKING STAGGERING on a 46" screen.

So… Closing out the verbal diarrhea on this game: This thing feels like a thing to me anyway. The level of care and attention to detail in this game – the composed score playing to themes of discovery, or simply feeding back the bucolic, utter mind blowingly lush world you're in feels like a massive pin in the ground. I utterly adored Bioshock but this thing – this thing feels completely off the proverbial chain, as it were. I haven't even got to Meridian yet for God's sake.

Anyway – long text wall and sorry, but if the guys who actually made it read it – that was my intent.

This thing is a savagely, savagely well made thing. It's the nuts.

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