This game is god-tier [Possible spoilers through ending E]

I have never misjudged a game before its release more than I did this. A week before it came out I thought it was gonna be a short button masher with boat loads of fan service to carry people through a mediocre story for 10 hours tops. Something made me decide to give it a try and boy am I glad that I did.

Everything about this game was just done so god damn well. After the revelation that humans have been extinct for hundreds of years and that the androids and machines have been locked in this eternal battle for masters who long ago were both destroyed by their own hands made the world so much more surreal. With the addition of the amazing soundtrack it made a fairly basic post-apocalyptic setting into something memorable and unique.

I haven't been hit with feels like this after finishing a game since The Witcher 3, and that is one of my all time favorite games. For me the sign of a great game is that when the final credits roll, I just sit there and think about how great that was. A lot of good games have been coming out in the last couple months, but none of them have made me feel this way to this degree. I am perfectly content just sitting here and digesting the story. Without a doubt, this game that I once thought would be bullshit not worth $30 has become one of my favorites

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