This game is a handful of patches away from having success like Rainbow Six Siege

I understand they are two totally different games and styles. What I am getting at is innovation and the courage to do something new.

Rainbow Six Siege took a lot of heat in the beginning for not having a campaign and steering away from the norm with realistic damage models. But they knew what they were going for and rolled the dice and hot damn is that game great. They have the sales and shelf life to prove it. It's refreshing and innovative and extremely hard.

GRW acted like that's the way they wanted to go but got cold feet. When you play on extreme mode it feels like that's the way the game should have been designed from the word go. Instead they got worried and went more casual. Here is the thing though, we have been there and done that for years! Casual is old and old is boring, any good business man will tell you that.


-if they put out a few patches to make AI that look like they belong in 2017 both for team and enemy -give more depth to weapon ballistics -make your gear and the equipment you pick have more consequences to your play style -and pvp to ACTUALLY be tactical and challenging in a large area, not some small part of the map.

I think it would be there after that. There are bugs and other obvious fixes that need to be made but those are easy fixes and don't detract from the soul of the game.

Be brave and take a page out of your own book and one of your own games!

Maybe I am missing something but I would love to know what the rest of you think. Cheers!

TL,DR GRW acted like it wanted to be a badass tactical shooter but got cold feet.

Rainbow Six Siege had the balls to be a extremely hard tactical shooter and look at its success.

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