This game is a beta and final version will still be a beta.

I completed open beta at 100% as i did with closed beta. This game is beta because it's unfinished.

You are playing the final version without some improvements that will be implemented after release.

Ubisoft spent 4 years building this nice open world but fucked up gameplay mechanics and the story (Primary MissionsSide Missions)

I read post of all users. Some loves the gunplay, some loves the customizations, some loves the coop mode. Noone love the plot, noone loves the missions that are all the same, noone loves the gameplay because soldier movement is cluncky and his body is half screen.Noone loves the team AI as the Enemy AI.

There are a lot of bug. (not few every 100 meters you will find civillian vehicles stucked and airplanes blowing up or crashing against rocks)

60 euros are too much.

Would you buy a supercar spending 300.000 euros ? Yeah of course. But if they build this supercar without cooling system, tires, rearview mirror, ashtray, catalytic converter, radio, heated seats, ABS, Airbags,taillights would you still spend your money ?

Maybe it's because nowdays people don't care about plot and mechanincs everybody want to play togheter and shoot something.

Long time ago (after playing closed beta) i opened a topic comparing this game to MGSV:TPP asking to other users how they could be compared. Then i played MGSV:TPP to check what they said. On some magazines i read that this game that is hybrid of Farcry,MGS,Gta would surpass MGS.

The answer is: Absolutely not.

MGS its a complex game and sometimes it feels weird but at the end is a complete experience and its nice. Konami closed the project before the developer (Kojima*the most egocentric person of the world) could finish it. But in the while he made a good job.

This game was made to be sold. Games used to be an art. I played old ghost recon. This game is nice but i still have good memories of Scott Mitchell.. as i will with Snake. This game feels meh. Sometimes i think i will get Obsessive compulsive disorder. Really! Doing 100times the same things! xD This game is a TAG simulator.

I don't want to say this game is shit. It will be patched and optimized but you won't see more than this.

Games are like books. When writers release the final versions they can't modify their book anymore.

This is my feedback. Thanks for reading. Maybe i won't it's too long.

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