This game has taught me that I’m the reason I keep dying instead of blaming it on everything else.

The network connections can be…. Troublesome to say the least. But aside from that the game has taught me a valuable lesson that I can take to other games as well, and I appreciate it for that fact.

I'm not particularly good at the game, nor will I ever have a KDA above 2.0… But I can honestly say that this game has taught me that I'm the reason I suck. In other games such as Halo, CoD, even the Division or Destiny or Overwatch, I was always a subject to immense frustration while losing games or getting killed in combat. Granted those games are all shooter style games and this is not. But somehow I would always place blame on shitty teammates, or lag, or latency issues. It never seemed like we were all on a level playing field in other games. This one is different.

Maybe its the swordplay, or the fact that most of the engagements (depending on gametype) are 1v1 face offs. Maybe its the fact that someone has to be up in my face and strike me with their weapon instead of shooting at me from 50 yards away. But the game has a way of forcing you to play differently if you're not having success.

I've learned that when I die, it is more often than not my fault. I went for a parry and missed. I tried a guard break at the wrong time. I played too defensively when I should have played more offensively. There are a million reasons. But I find myself saying "Good Parry" "nice GB" "OOOH he got me, good kill" more often now that I understand how the game is played. And when I start to get frustrated its because I know Im not playing well. I don't place blame on shitty connections or bad teammates or someone using a certain character that the community finds cheap. cough PK cough If I die, its my fault in every situation. And If i want to get better, I need to hone my skill and practice rebutting what my enemy throws at me.

It'll be something that I try to take to other games as well, and for that I thank Ubisoft and For Honor.

Till Valhalla.

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