Thinking about picking up the game but had a few questions!

So as a preface I play eve online but I'm kind of in a lul (grr citadels). Friends of mine already bought in but I'm wondering if there is engaging gameplay for me as an individual. So…..

  • 1. Is this a numbers game? Are groups able to punch above their weight or does most everyone in the endgame areas all rock the best gear and there's not much you can do against them.
  • 2. How big are the big groups? Would say a 10 man group be able to find a foot hold in the landscape somewhere. Would that group have to be all focused on the same thing to benefit from the territory they retain?
  • 3. Is solo play a thing? I get that you can probably mine in a non pvp starter area but is there reason to go out in to dangerous areas? Is it viable or are there pvp groups patrolling areas and you're just gonna get rocked? Is going out solo ganking a thing? Is it profitable?
  • 4. The world is single shard. Does lag plague this game? Is large scale pvp pretty common? What are the content drivers?
  • 5. Is there a meta? The politics of eve are incredibly complex and have witnessed groups abandon areas over faux information (we had a group leave fountain over a fake reddit post :P). Are there things like NIP's, blue donuts, etc…?

That's the information I'm wondering about that isn't really showed. Besides that the gameplay looks pretty basic. I'm wondering a bit about how grind heavy the game is though. How long does it take to get to a point where you can effectively pvp (get standard gear)? Is a lot of time in game spent replenishing supplies/gear? Is it a viable play style to just go out and rob others and live off that? And lastly, is there a stealth type playstyle?

TIA for your time reading 🙂

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