Things we need in the game ( or at least in my opinion )

Well, I preordered the game… But I feel like the game should get more features to be a really good Ghost recon game or a very good game in general. This list is pretty much IMO so any constructive feedback is appreciated.

1) To be able to mute or lower the radio sound. The radio in this game is really annoying, I'm not talking about the music or the voices, it's just that you hear it EVERYWHERE even if your in the middle of the jungle, there will always be a little radio a full volume somewhere….

2) Better controls on the helicopters The helicopters controls feel really weird… Especially on landing, the heli just bump down really quickly and it's almost impossible to make a soft landing.

3) Constant first person view. Maybe I'm the only one in this case but I think that the game could be 200% more immersive if we had constant first person view, maybe not in vehicle because it would need a crapton of new textures and stuff to be implemented but at least on foot it would be great.

4) Better vehicle damages I don't if it's only me but I have the impression that if I bump slightly into anything the car will look like it escaped WW3 ( same thing for the heli, you bump the floor at little bit rough and BAM, it's already smoking and ready to explode ).

5) Add controller vibration. I play on PC but for vehicles, I always have a PS3 controller set up and it feels very weird that there's not vibration of any kind when bumping into another car or when I'm getting shot or even when I'm shooting.

6) Add Rappelling Please please please add this maybe add some restraint on certain objective building but please let us rappel to get on top of a building or a cliff ( or to get down ).

7) Better respawn in multiplayer I'm taking the case of the mission where you've got to steal a plane in Montuyoc, I was playing with a friend and he was hosting, we both died and I respawned 900m away from the airstrip and he respawned on it and he got insta-spotted…. And it happend every other time we got killed.

Here you go, feel free to leave a feedback on what I said 😀

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  1. OMG, I could go on for hours about what this game needs. This game could’ve used more levels to climb, instead of only 30 levels how about 100 levels to climb for all four ghosts.

    And yes the ability to play as all four ghosts instead of just nomads. And level them and give them skills to raise from say starting at 50 or so to 100 for all four, and give each perks and such to further enhance the ghost fireteam.

    And the ability to customize all of them as much as nomad, minus the face and skin color for weaver, midas, and Holt. And also add in the ability to rebuild the world for the rebels and civilian.

    Such as quests that encompass a WIDE variety of things to do to improve both rebels and civilians in the world. And personal quests from all four ghosts to further expand upon their lives, their military history, etc.

    Plus a lot of collectibles to further expand and explain everything in this game. I could go on but I won’t for now.

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