Things people say when they main a character

Warden – "Warden is so complex, I have to decide between a zone attack or shoulderbash into either free 2 side lights or a guardbreak!"

Conq – "Lol I outplayed these noobs so hard, did you see that 400 shoulder bashes into 400 free light hits?"

PK – "Not my fault you can't parry an instant zone attack, GIT GUD noob. Maybe if you didn't focus on blocking/parrying my light spam you wouldn't be such a trash noob"

Lawbringer – "LB really needs a buff, not like he isn't top tier in 4v4, but I'd like to see him just as overpowered as Warlord/conq/PK/Warden, so please give us hyperarmor heavies and a large HP pool so we can be Warlord 2.0. Oh yeah, can we have more emotes?"


Warlord – "Warlord is fine noobs you are just trash, i'm obviously outplaying everyone not my fault you can't punish all my broken headbutts or my broken revenge headbutt + heavy stunlock LOL."

Valk – "This is so unfair, why can we be punished for our failed techs while Warden/conq/warlord have such low recovery frames?! I also want to be able to spam techs with no risk!!!!!"

Kensei – "Did you see how I parried that Orochi zone attack? I'm actually getting good at this game with no cheezing! 'gets blocked on a sidestep light into a free GB and salts all over the forums'".

Shugoki – "Ubisoft how dare you fix a broken mechanic that's giving me 2 unparryable hits? I know this is a bug, but how will I deal with Pks now?"

Orochi – "Never skip leg day"

Nobushi – "I can't crack the turtle meta thanks ubisoft."

edit; Zerker – "Where is Berserker? 🙁 We don't matter" ( requested )

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