Things I’d like too see in this game

  • Cars getting heavier. Cars is the way too light and their center of mass is unrealistic. Flying and flipping is damm easy and it shouldn't be. Be more realistic guys! Try to be more to simulator instead of sacrificing things in name of the "fun".
  • First aid kits changes. Less drops (to make ppl work to get theses, once this is a survival crafting based game.. crafting should be the main thing, the most interesting part) and make it to use saline + antibiotics + 5x or more bandages, not just 1x saline + 1x bandage.
  • Bioma. Exploring the H1Z1 world should be more than entering in a city to grab all the same gear in the same usual spot. We need reasons to explore, we need more materials to craft and to occupy us. Creating medical and poison plants would be nice.. where we can use crafting to turn it into special bandages, healing kits, poisoned arrows, poisoned spear.. make primitive combat valuable too.
  • Wood burner. To make charcoals.
  • Rigged light as a post and not the way it is.. In the past, Devs made a survey about this.. where did the ideas go? Where are the approved 3D model in the old survey? We need some real lights to place inside the base.. those torches barely have light on it.
  • Visible loot should be reduced over the "hidden" one. Opening things and scavenging should grant us a better chance of loot, since we have to spend more time in such action. To motivate player to open and scavenge, reduce the visible ones (Not asking to impact loot.. the loot keep the same way, the only change is to have more loot inside things over the visible on top of the table and such things).
  • Night vision using heat instead of green color saturation.
  • Handcuffs being brought back. But with minor changes, allowing ppl to handcuff others from behind. If they succeed into sneaking behind someone, they deserve to be able to handcuff this person.. since it is about force and preventing unnecessary death. Handcuffs the way it is at the moment is simply retarded.. like: "Can I handcuff you?" "Can you please raise your arms?" "Can you please put your hands up?" LMAO. Along with that, handcuffed person should be "stunned" for some seconds, being put into their knees unable to move (a new animation would be needed for this, ofc).
  • Trees respawn being increased to 48-72 hours instead of minutes like it is right now. The idea is to reduce and slow down base building a bit. Building is a huge part of the content and taking more time to it is great, along with the fact of ppl having to expand their territory to collect more wood because the trees next to their bases is running out, if they plan to continue to build. Expand and conquer, that's the goal here.
  • Ground Tillers should break again. There's no sense on it lasting for ever. The ethanol is the way too easy to get. Raiding and getting raided in too short period of time isn't "fun" anyway. Building and raiding should be a process that takes time and plans, since it's the core of the actual gameplay.
  • Seeds should start dropping again inside residential kitchens.. it shouldn't be "Bumjicks farm loot only".
  • Harvesting should give us 50% of chances of having seeds back or not.. It should keep players scavenging and looting for raiding as well. Having the seeds back all the time and doubled isn't a good point tho. Let the seeds run out, and make us to have to loot it again. We need reasons to loot.
  • Combat and gravity changes. Jumping from a vehicle in movement (at a considerable speed, of course) should break our legs (make us slow for a period) and should apply major damage when in full speed! Jumping from 10 meters + should apply damage to players and from 40+ should be mortal!
  • Advanced Video Settings being added to the game. Why have I to open a UserOptions.ini to edit simple things that you guys can create a menu for it? Like, controlling Lightning, Flora Quality, Model Quality, and all other stuff! Why can't you just create some boxes inside the Settings Menu to fit this? And I'm not even asking you to allow us to control Anti-Aliasing and Anisotropic Filter (While I do think it's SUPER important to allow us to control it). The game isn't optimized and it's in a very, very poor stage of it. So, at least, allow players to officially and easily tweaks the game video settings to their will.

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