They really need to fix all the coop glitches in the final mission.

What should be a fun gauntlet of battles at the end of which, if successful, you as a visitor earn a massive amount of just all sorts of good things, tons of amrita, high end loot, rare materials, tons of glory, has instead largely been a source of misery for me.

Yet again, I get summoned to the very start, and we go slowly through the whole level, it's fun, it's very profitable. And at the very end, on the final final boss, the game crashes, and so literally everything I did, and got, is just gone, again. And with it my will to even continue playing today. Certainly bother cooping.

And when it's not that it's the doors for the sub-bosses glitching so the host walks through them and leaves me trapped in there. Or the final boss glitches where you can't melee it anymore. Or glitches where it dies, but then doesn't die, and you have to fight it again. Or it glitches where it dies, but the game doesn't register it dies, and we're trapped up there, no way to progress. Or I'm summoned as the host kills the boss, and the game doesn't know what to do and leaves me in some weird limbo where I can clip partially through some walls and can't leave or do anything.

At the very least, auto-save some times. Like at a shrine visit. Auto-save for the visitor. So everything I did up to the end wasn't just complete piss in the wind.

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