There’s one thing about this subreddit that has blown me away…

… And it's how insanely fast it's grown. I remember subscribing here a little before Automata was released. There were only about 2000 subscribers tops, and I'm sure that there were far fewer than that before Automata was announced. Wasn't without reason, of course: Yoko Taro and his games, as fascinating as they are, were practically unknown to a large portion of the gaming community. The games themselves were quite flawed in several ways, too, and a great video game story can only go so far without solid gameplay.

Honestly, Platinum took a damn big risk by banking on Nier. It could've easily blown up in their faces… but it didn't. Since the game's release, I've seen this subreddit's community grow by more almost seven-fold in a little over a month's time. That's kind of insane to me. We may not be the biggest community, but you can't deny that those numbers are staggering for a series that used to be a particularly obscure cult hit. I think it shows just how far Taro-san and Platinum have come, so congratulations to them for managing to steal all our hearts. 🙂

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