Theory – Egyptian Event coming soon to Smite w/ Evidence

Hey /r/Smite! I’m here today to present a theory I’ve shared in the /r/Smite discord!

Today, I saw this tweet by Chuk Vinson, lead art director for Smite.

In case it gets taken down – mirror here

Upon closer inspection of the board, I noticed this was on the side. It shows:

  • Anhur Skin
  • Bastet Skin
  • Khepri Skin
  • Neith Skin
  • Thoth Skin (This one is separate from the other skins listed – limited maybe?)

Then, we see in big red letters – Bonus Rewards!

This includes:

  • Loading Frame
  • Background (!!!!)
  • Pedestal
  • Music Theme

Next, we can see the UI design for this event – it appears there is a hieroglyph themed UI but I cannot figure out how it works based on the image alone.

Thoughts on this? I’m personally excited about the background! In the season ticket, there is a new type of reward listed called “Coming Soon” and I think this could be it.

Could it be a profile background maybe?

Also, I’m really excited about the possibility of another Exclusive Neith Skin! She definitely has been lacking in the skin department lately, especially exclusives.

Please remember these are written on a board, the ideas are most likely NOT finalized and may change at any time – The event may even not happen at all!

What do you think? Share your thoughts below!

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