The “we need dedicated servers” has to stop

Seriously, as I'm writing this post, the top post complains about the lack of dedicated servers, among other things. We see "fix ur servers ubi" everywhere. You might want to double-check what you're saying.


If there's no dedicated server, they have no servers to fix. The only servers are for retrieving your account data (level, items, rewards) and other things. The reason you're being disconnected and what should be fixed is their netcode, aka how they handle multiplayer sessions. This is what fails and disconnects you.


Seriously, if you played any other multiplayer fighting game, you'd know that dedicated servers for games like For Honor is pointless. Sure, a server dedicated to handle multiplayer sessions between 32 players like in Chivalry is optimal, but in For Honor, that'd slow your games down. Take Super Smash Bros for exemple, the latest one has really good netcode but no dedicated servers. When both you and the player you go against have a proper internet connection, you have a minimal input delay and can enjoy a proper, crash-less fight. Even when all hell break loose in a 8 players match, things are stable (and you don't get kicked when the host pulls the plug). This is what Ubisoft should aim for, and not counter-productive dedicated servers.


TL;DR: dedicated servers are a bad idea, we just need proper netcode


EDIT : as /u/Darkunov rightly pointed out, Sm4sh was a bad exemple, sorry about that. But I might have a better exemple with CoD:MW2, which ran on P2P connection and, unless my memory is being bad again, would run quite well (except when the host decided to run a mod of course)

EDIT 2 : To be perfectly accurate, For Honor doesn't exactly run on P2P connection but rather on dynamical client/server architecture.

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