The Voided Rogue Fan Expansion: Exotic Hunter Wolf Armor Set

“There are multiple ranks in a Wolf Pack. Which one are you?”

All Exotics in the set have this Intrinsic Perk.

Given Perk: Lycaon’s Aggression: Able to equip the helmet, gauntlets, and boots exotics at the same time. (You don’t need to Equip all pieces at once, but you can. Each piece can be “rerolled” separately by Glass Needles).

BETA Helm: Hunter Helmet Concept by Kyle Gomez

Perks for Column 2: 1) Inverse Shadow, Ashes to Asset, or Hands-On or 2) Angel of Mercy.

Perks for Column 3: 1) Innervation, Infusion, Better Already, or Invigoration.

Exotic Given Perk: Ursa Constellation: Provides Courage of the Pack and Keen Scout for Nightstalkers. Provides Shadow Stalker for Chainbearers. Increase Recovery.

ALPHA Grips: Hunter Gauntlets Concept by Kyle Gomez

Perks for Column 2: 1) Carry more Primary ammo or 2) Increase reload speed to all Primary Weapons.

Perks for Column 3: 1) Increases Grenade Throw Distance or 2) Increases Melee Attack Speed.

Exotic Given Perk: Vow of Artemis: *Missed Golden Gun and Harpooner shots come back directly to the mag. Increase Recovery. *

OMEGA Boots: Hunter Legs Concept by Kyle Gomez

Perks for Column 2: 1) Carry more Special Ammo or 2) Heavy Ammo.

Perks for Column 3: 1) Double Down Perks.

Exotic Given Perk: Orion’s Belt: Press R2 during Arc Blade to throw your blade, eliminating your super. The blade will kill targets if it hits them and will produce lightning that can kill nearby enemies. Duplication movement speed is increased. Increase Agility.

What do you Guardians think of the set? Do you like the look? What is your favorite piece of the set?

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