The “UBi MUST PUSH this back” people.

Do people really think someone at Ubi is going to stand up walk over to a giant switch on the wall that stops production / marketing / sales and say

"Hay guys, Rick from Reddit says we should delay"

Even if they did the next obvious question would be

"ok for how long ?"

"Well Rick says we need to change umm, the graphics, the interface the AI and the game mechanics in regards to physics / flying and cover"

Anyone old enough to remember games before the advent of "DLC" knows that not a single "finished" game has come out since company's realized they could meet their sales goals AND fix it later.

I honestly don't mind. Games are Artwork and a piece of Artwork as someone said is "never finished only abandon" We are pretty lucky to live in a time when we have the opportunity to give feedback and help shape the games we love and for the most part I think a lot of people are doing just that but when I read all the child like post that just straight shit on a game that's not even out yet I shake my head and think of the artist/programmers/producers and countless others that have busted their ass for four years making something they hope people will love.

What would even be the point of a full delay? To close the doors work on the game then have another "Beta" so that people can bitch and then call for another delay?

The gaming industry is BRUTAL from what I understand, it's not job like "The Office" where you wind up there and get stuck. These Artist would polish forever if they could I'm sure but that's not the world we live in and even if they did there would be something that people would not like about it.

I'm personally a little disappointed in a few things in the Beta myself. I believe they will probably fix some of the issues but probably not all of them but when I do leave my suggestions / wish list I for one plan to do so with both the people working on it AND reality in mind.

*Star Citizen is a great game to follow if you want a little peak into just how crazy as well as how much work doing this stuff is.

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