The Tie Down Trial is not fun, and there is a bug with the Critical Strike prompt that needs fixing

As the title says, this Trial is the antithesis of fun. Pretty much every single mechanic of this trial is designed to frustrate.

I can adapt to the birds being unnecessarily far away and wasting unnecessary time waiting for them to come over to you because you can't run to them because there are goddamned Tramplers in the way.

I can adapt to the relentless barrage of Freeze being shot at you when they eventually swarm around you, that breaks your aim just when you've lined up a good shot on another bird, or stops you dead in your tracks as you're trying to make it to a downed bird, giving it an opportunity to get up and fly away.

I can adapt to the Ropecaster's abysmal accuracy, where it will whiff what should be guaranteed hits.

I can adapt to the birds dodging and weaving and zipping past you, making it pretty difficult to land shots on them.

What I cannot adapt to, and what nearly brought me to smash my controller, is the Critical Strike prompt being all kinds of unreliable. After overcoming ALL the above horrible mechanics, you get near the bird only to be denied the prompt needed to execute the action!

And this isn't a rare occurrence either. You have to be pretty specific about your positioning, and there seems to be a delay before it shows up or activates, even after the birds are well down. The number of times this happened when I was so close to completing the trial was supremely frustrating.

Guerrilla PLEASE make this prompt more reliable so that this Trial doesn't horribly sour what is an otherwise phenomenal experience.

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