The Talus Principle: How YOU can get RICH killing ROCK MONSTERS!

The Talus Principle

How YOU can get RICH killing ROCK MONSTERS!

It's a tough life living in Hyrule. Home ownership, constant arrow costs, protective clothes. And if you want to improve your clothes, forget about it! It's hard enough just having enough money to feed your horse and find a bed for the night. 75% of Hylians have no fixed address, and are frittering away thier rupees on Inn fees, getting nothing back for their investment. But all that waste and worry can be history today, with The Talus Principle.

By becoming a self employed Talus exterminator you can perform a service for your local community and earn yourself a great living. You may not earn the millions you'd need to afford a big castle with an evil ten thousand year old spectral pig orbiting it, but with hard work and dedication, you can build yourself a better life.

Just a few weeks ago I was at rock bottom, waking up in weird cave baths with no memory or how I got there and being bothered by weird old ghosts. I was trying to afford a warm coat and some armour but was having to make impossible choices. Now I've got a spacious home in Hatano Village, a full wardrobe with money to dye them whatever colour I want and a prestigious membership to the great fairy club worth over ten thousand rupees. You could be like me, just read onward to earn over FIVE THOUSAND RUPEES per blood month.

The Knowledge

We all recognise the Stone Talus. They're big stupid rock monsters that try to squash you when you sit on them, and they are a pain for travellers, merchants and especially rock sitting enthusiasts. From now on, this is what they're going to look like for you:

Some basic knowledge first. There are three types of Stone Talus, each offering different value propositions to the enterprising exterminator. Pictured above is a normal Stone Talus with his weak point on top of him. These can be easily climbed and eliminated with minimal difficulty using melee weapons. For best results, use either repeated hits with a high strength sword or spear, or a spinning charge attack with a powerful two handed weapon. For weaker ones, a simple Iron Hammer can be a great weapon. Just grab that handle and start spinning!

The Second type have their weak point on their back. They are harder to kill quickly, and are much easier to kill with arrows, incurring an increased cost. Their weak point can be hit from the ground with some two handed weapons and spears, but positioning is tricky and the easiest way to dispatch them quickly is to stand on their back with your best bow and repeatedly fire arrows down into the weak point. Both of these types will duck down, shudder and then throw you off after a certain amount of time.

The third type are Frost Talus'. These are difficult to fight as you can't climb on them unless you first hit them with a fire weapon or arrow, or a bomb arrow. They will also quite quickly refreeze themselves, and their attacks will freeze you solid in a radius around where they hit, making it much harder to dodge them. Due to the excessive costs associated with fighting these, they are not recommended unless you are absolutely desperate for money.

As a side note, there is also this Stone Talus (Senior). It's relatively weak and doesn't seem any different from the other ones.

The Method

Your route will vary, but your best friend will be THE MAP. This map has been specially created for explorers using The Talus Principle, and it has the added benefit of being SPOILER FREE (except for spoiling the locations of Talus' obviously!). The vantage point images have also been taken with minimal spoiler gear and there should be minimal spoilers for blind explorers!

THE MAP sorts areas and Talus' into three sets. Green Areas are rich with weak Type 1 Talus' for you to kill, Orange Areas offer moderate value and Red Areas are only for the seriously short of cash. Similarly, Green Flags denote Type 1 Talus', Orange Flags denote Type 2 Talus' and Red Flags denote Frost Talus'. Blue spots are the vantage points the additional photographs were taken from.

Armed with THE MAP and THE KNOWLEDGE, you too can kill Stone Talus' each and every Blood Month. You'll be rolling in rare gems, enough to sell, upgrade items and make expensive jewellery. I would also recommend investing in a set of Barbarian Armour for increased killing speed. Below are a series of additional photographs (taken from the blue vantage points on THE MAP), to help in locating the targets, although you should use whatever local travel points you have to create a route that works for you.

Have I heard about another type of Talus? Sure, but it doesn't sound PROFITABLE, so it isn't relevant to this fantastic opportunity. Could there be more Talus' in the North of the Map if I could be bothered to look? Probably, but I don't care.

Thanks for reading, and tell your friends and family about The Talus Principle!

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