The Suramar campaign was like being a part of a Warcraft (Hi-)story

So long story short

I thought the whole Suramar campaign was going to be a drag, but instead I got to be part of an elven rebellion (as an orc it gave me Broxigar vibes).

I got to meet new characters, good and evil,

I got to make friends from strangers

I have seen an elf sacrifice his life to save another

I have seen characters getting killed for a greater cause and they died smiling,

I have been a part of long lost hope for the victims (the "cure" for their addiction),

I got to defy "in disguise" enemies who had no quarrel with me yet I killed them in the name of those suffered,

I have saved children, slayed demons, assassinated collaborators,

I have seen and witnessed an union of elves,

And the most important of things I felt relevant, Not "here-this-land-is-yours-make-a-base-and-send-npc's-to-do-stuff-for-you" relevant, but really relevant as in I paved a way for the Nightfallen to regain what they lost. At the end I could say "Worth it"

Blizzard says and blizzard does…. Thanks for this experience Blizz.

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