The story of why I couldn’t stop playing until…

So i've heard about HZD when they first announced it, saw a few trailers and I was like meh, whatever it will probably suck anyway.

The game came out and positive reviews came pilling out, and i got more curious as I had just bought an LG B6 a few weeks before. A friend just got bought the game, but wasn't playing it because he just got Zelda on his wiiu, so i borrowed it from him. Installed the game, started it up and I was: at least the menu looks decent and I pressed start… Holy sweet mother of awesome looking graphics this game looks insane. Started playing for a bit, and I was literally hooked… After 15 minutes, i put the controller down, removed the bluray, closed my PS4 Pro, logged to one of the www markets in my country and ordered the Collector's Edition (which you can view here:

2 days later i was unwrapping the game and playing it like a madman. I was mostly playing 80% on my PC but after this i just played HZD until it was time for bed since i had work the next day for 2 weeks until I got my PLATINUM trophy. I just wished it wouldn't end… Spent countless hours just taking photos in the game, tweaking each angle and frame to my liking. After 60 hours i had finally finished it and I wanted more… It was the only game in the last few years which had me really interested in the story and the only game to make me regret it didn't have a season pass.

I can't wait for the expansion/sequel to come out. It's a great game and for me it's GOTY 2017.

PS: sorry for the eventual mistakes, as I wrote this from my phone.

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