The Story of Destiny So Far.

I noticed a post yesterday that was asking about the story of Destiny. I can understand that coming in as a new player could be confusing with the timeline and the actual story of Destiny. The Story of Destiny started shallow but has been growing since the start. It does still contain a lot of issues and depth. I am going to hopefully right out an accurate summary of the story of Destiny, specifically our Guardian. I so hopefully because we each see the game differently and there might be something I miss or something I interpreted differently. If you see something that is not accurate please let me know. So, here we go.


Destiny The Game


Vanilla Destiny

This is what we tend to call the original release of Destiny. Before anything else was added. I want to say a word before I jump in. The story itself was scrapped late into development and was re-designed to give us what we got on launch. Parts of the story may be disconnected (Example: Exo Stranger) because of this.


  • Earth

Our story starts on earth with our Ghost. Ghost: A device sent out by the traveler to find those who can wield the essence of the Light. We are chosen and revived in Old Russia. Before we get much help we are rushed into the grand wall of the Cosmodrome. Cosmodrome: A location where Humanity boarded ships to leave earth. We soon learn that the Fallen have infested this area and we have to fight our way through them in an attempt to find a ship. Once we have our ship we return to the Last City.


The Last City is where the remains of humanity have gathered. It is a city beneath the traveler. Here we learn that there are more Guardians like us. The main hub for Guardians is the Tower. We learn that the Traveler came to our system and gave humanity gifts and created a Golden Age of technology and science. The traveler had an enemy however, the Darkness. When the Darkness found our system is caused the collapse, an era where almost everything was lost and humanity shattered. Those who were left gathered beneath the traveler and struggled to create peace. Warlords rose to power before the Iron Lords became the first true Guardians and removed them from their thrones. The city withstood civil war and Fallen Assaults.


We return to Old Russia to acquire a drive that will allow us to leave our planet and travel the rest of the system. To obtain this drive we had to kill an Archon Priest for the Fallen House of Devils. While in Old Russia we also awaken the Hive, and old species that worships the Darkness. We fight against the Fallen and the Hive to help free Old Russia and open an old Array that connected to other planets. In opening the Array we grabbed a lot of information, but we also allowed Rasputin to use it's power. Rasputin: Rasputin is an old Warmind, a highly advanced AI that was used in the Golden Age for military means. We stopped the fallen from attacking Rasputin. In Old Russia we also took out the House of Devils Prime Servitor, a machine that supplied Fallen with needed resources to survive.


  • The Moon

We finally leave Earth and move on to the Moon. We spend our first mission tracking down the last Guardian who came here. While here we Awake the Hive of the Moon. We fight the Hive, the Fallen House of Exile, and complete some rather vital missions.


We elimated Princes of the Hive, Phogoth was destroyed, We gained the knowledge of the Hive, and destroyed a link to Oryx, at this point an unknown player. On the last mission here we enter the Hive tunnels and free a shard of the traveler that the Hive were using to drain it of it's light. At the beginning of this mission we are contacted by an exo stranger. She tells us if we survive to meet her on Venus.


  • Venus

Things start to get a little interesting here. We arrive on Venus and learn of the Vex. The Vex are machines that have immense processing power and intelligence. They have caused a lot of issues. We enter the Ishtar Academy and encounter the Vex. Once we beat them the Exo Stranger shows up. She gives an interesting and yet nearly useless speech about the Vex and the Black Garden before she fizzles out of the room. The only helpful thing she gave us was "Look into the Black Garden."


After our meeting with the Exo Stranger we head out to the Reef, a group of shattered space ships and asteroids thrown together. While there we meet the Queen of the Reef. Her personal body guards give us a jump as they are Fallen. She casually explains that the Fallen are of the House of Wolves and belong to her. Her brother tells us the only way to get into the Black Garden is to steal a Gate Lords Eye. We then go on our Journey to find a Gate Lord. Back on Venus we get into a Ishtar database and learn more about the Vex and discover a Gate Lord is a very very large Vex. We venture off and take down a Gate Lord. With the eye in hand we return to the Queen. The eye is dead but the Queen lets us leave with it and so we leave.


We complete other missions on Venus that are side missions but do have an impact. We enter the Ishtar Academy again and download information about the Golden Age and Vex. We hunt down a the Kell of the House of Winter on Venus and take it down. On Venus we also stop the House of Winter from claiming a new Archon from an escaped prisoner of the Prison of Elders. Prison of Elders: A prison in the Reef where high threat enemies are kept. We also destroy a Vex Super Computer, known as the Nexus Mind.


  • Mars

Mars is controlled by the Cabal. They are massive space turtles that speak only war. We break into their fortress and use a captured Vex Spire to awaken the dead Eye. While on Mars we also discover Rasputin has taken over the Warmind of Mars and prevent highly intelligent enemies from hacking into his core. We then prevent the Vex from taking over Mars and beginning the process of transforming it into a giant machine like they did with Mercury. We also kill a high ranking Cabal. Our last act of Vanilla Destiny is to enter the Black Garden Gate on Mars and destroy the Heart of it. By destroying the heart we have released another chain holding the Traveler down.


  • Vault of Glass

The Vault of Glass is an isolated location where the Vex control reality. It is a moment where every timeline converges. What happens in the Vault has been happening and will forever happen. A team entered the Vault and only one escaped. Those left inside were erased from our time, though fragments of them still exist. We entered the Vault to confront that which waited inside. One of the forgotten Guardians, Kabr, broke the Vault and forged his light with Vex technology. With his sacrifice we were able to break the rules of the Vex dominion. We entered the Vault and defeated Atheon, who controlled and watched over the Vault.


The Dark Below


  • Before

Our journey to the moon was not the first Guardians have made. The Guardian once launched a full scale assault on the moon. Thousands of Guardians attacked and thousands of Guardians perished. They did not know there was a God beneath the surface. Crota, The son of Oryx and Ascended Hive showed himself. He wielded a powerful sword and used it to shatter the light of the Guardians. After the massacre as Mare Imbrium the moon was off limits, but a secret team went anyways. The team went in to find a weakness to the Hive, but they were all presumed dead.


That is until Eris Morn arrived at the tower. She had lived in the Hive tunnels and survived. She learned of their ways and their plans. She returned to us to ask for our help. She told us that Crotas true essence was locked away in a netherworld of his own making but his minion now prepare for his return. We stopped the most loyal fanatics of Crota and prevented Crotas return to our world. At the end we entered his netherworld and destroyed him.


House of Wolves

The wolves the Mara Sov, Queen of the Reef, controlled have broken free from her. A dangerous Fallen was given to the mysterious Nine and they released him to be free, Skolas. Skolas rallied the House of Wolves and broke from the Reef. Only Variks of House Judgement remained with the Queen.


The Queen asked for our help and we agreed. We prevented Skolas from recruiting the other Houses. When he became desperate he broke open the Vault of Glass and studied their technology. Skolas tried to pull the entire House of Wolves through time when we stopped him. He was imprisoned in the Prison of Elders and we were recruited once more to finish him off.


At this time the Queen offered us rewards for cleaning out her Prison of captives.


The Taken King

Oryx has arrived in our solar system, here for revenge against us for killing his son. He brought along his Dreadnaught, a massive ship with tools of mass destruction. When he entered our system he came to hide in the rings of Saturn. There the Reef attacked him. Queen Mara Sov launched her assault and sacrificed her army to plant her harbingers on the dreadnaught and to show Oryxs power. Her sacrifice is the only reason we made it onto the ship.


Oryx then invaded our system with his Taken, enemies taken into another dimension, twisted, and spat back out. We responded to a distress call on Phobos, where a Cabal fleet base was. When we arrived the Cabal were in full retreat. We confronted the Taken and a shadow of Oryx here for the first time.


Our next mission was to recover some old invis tech from Cayde-6 and use it to sneak onto Oryx's ship. Once there we disabled his super weapon and made ourselves at home. The Cabal also attacked the ship and drove a large ship of their own straight into the dreadnaught. Next found the path to Oryx but found it locked. To unlock it we needed to become Ascendent Hive. First we looked for Crotas soul left in the rocks where he was tethered to this world. When that failed we made a new plan. First we entered Rasputins vault to find technology to cloak a Guardian. Then we used that technology to enter Crotas throne world and sneak past the Hive. We interrupted Crotas Death Ritual and took his essence. We used that essence to get through the door back on the Dreadnaught. Once through the Door we took down Oryx himself. Though he only retreated into his own netherworld.


  • The Taken War

Oryx has retreated but the Taken remained. We fought the Taken across our solar system and pushed them back.


  • Kings Fall

The time came to enter Oryx netherworld and finish him. We entered and defeated his champion, the warpriest. We then snuck into the tunnels deep in the Dreadnaught and found the Cellar. Here Oryx kept his Light Concentrate. We stole the light and used it to kill Golgoroth. Then we entered Oryxs Throne room and killed his Daughters. Then we faced Oryx himself. He tried to use his blights to kill us, but we took them and used them against him. We broke his rules and killed him.


April Update

The April update brought an updated game mode and a new mini-boss. In the absence of Oryx Malok rose up to try and take over. Before he could we destroyed him. Then Variks began capturing Taken and studying them in the Reef. He contained Taken within the Prison and we destroyed them there.



The Fallen have always searched for technology to better themselves. On mars they found a hint of it. They discovered something called the Transmission. It is a nanotechnology based project that was given to subjects to improve them. The patients did not do so well. This transmission was released and contaminated Guardians. The issue was resolved before any civilians were hurt. Guardians found it amusing and attempted to spread different forms of it to each other.


Rise of Iron

The House of Devils found that there was something stronger then the Transmission buried beneath Old Russia. They set up shop and started digging. Lord Saladin personally looked into their actions and called our Guardian for aid. He sent us to make sure an old Iron Temple was secure. There we prevented a re-built Sepiks Prime from breaking into the temple. We soon learned that the temple was what the Iron Lords called home. We worked with Saladin and Shiro to find out exactly what was happening. We discovered that the Splicers were using SIVA, a nanotechnology that consumed material and used it to build, to build and better themselves. We pulled the plug on their operation and entered the vault where SIVA was replicating. There we found the remains of the Iron Lords who entered the vault to find SIVA. The only remaining Iron Lords from that expedition was Saladin and Efrideet. The other hundred or so lords died in that attempt.


After we stopped SIVA replication we started working on the Splicers. We stopped them from testing and twisting the Hive. We also once again destroyed Sepiks Prime. Our last act was to enter the Cosmodrome wall and destroy the leaders of the Splicers and end their reign.


During these events we also fought off an attempt at breaching the city from the splicers. We then took on a Fallen army that was amassing to attack the city and beat them back.


The Dawning

There isn't much story to be told here though I wanted to comment on the updated strikes. We encountered the Nexus Mind that has been updated with Vault of Glass technology and we once again killed Omnigul, who undid her death.


The Complete Story of Destiny So Far

That is everything I can think of that pertains to what we have done within Destiny. If I missed anything or if you think something should be different let me know. I hope this helps a lot of people sort out the story and maybe even refresh some others minds about what we have accomplished. Of course there is a lot more to the Destiny story then what is written here but I think I would break this reddit posting if I tried to get it all across. If there are questions that you need answered feel free to message me and I will do my best to answer you.
– TheGaurdian.

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