The story of a beloved horse, Kindred.

I had just recollected my first memory of the gate near mount lanayru, when I decided to explore a bit further. I saw an enormous and menacing centaur, which I later found out was a lynel. Before I had the chance to take in the sight of this menacingly large beast, it drew its bow, piercing me with an arrow of ice, instantly shattering my health bar. I respawned, and fast traveled away, fearing another encounter with the powerful creature.

I went back to searching for memories, thinking that backtracking to the great plateau might net me one. After having thoroughly explored the area, getting a few korok seeds along the way, I glided off the platform and headed north. There, in the plains of central hyrule, I found the most beautiful horse I had ever seen. It had a uniform, grey-ish blue body, and a long white flowing mane. I snuck up from behind and attempted to tame the animal, but was thrown off. After a couple of tries, I finally manged to tame it.

In the distance, I saw a shrine and a tower. I decided to head the shrine first, and obtained an "edge of duality" along with the usual spirit orb. It had 50 damage, which was far higher than any weapon I had at the time. I took this sword, and my horse, down near the central tower. After realizing guardians, capable of killing me with little effort, surrounded the tower, I hesitated. Then, in one fell and courageous swoop, I ran my horse down a hill and rushed to the tower, narrowly escaping death. I then jumped off and ducked behind the rocks. I was already in too deep, so with the guardians still eyeing me down, I climbed the tower, ducking behind each balcony to avoid impending doom. Once I made it to the top, I collected my reward: the map of central hyrule. I then, with the advantage of having a high vantage point, scouted out a path that would help me dodge the mechanical monstrosities. I jumped off the tower, opened my glider at the last second, got on my horse and ran off into the wind.

Feeling empowered, I decided to go fight the lynel on mount lanayru, after having named my horse "kindred" at the nearest stable. He destroyed me: I barely managed to escape, and frantically got on my horse. But then, he drew his bow, and an arrow of ice struck my valiant steed, encasing him in cold death. The horse thawed, and slumped over. Staring in disbelief, I cursed the lynel, now walking away as he had done his work.

And that, is the story of my beloved horse, kindred.

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