The sound design drew me into Destiny… The look and feel took me in deeper… The Community made me a lifer.

The sound design drew me in hard body karate! I remember sitting in certain areas when I first started playing and just listening to the background noise (I’m not an audiophile)… Then the look and “Feel” of the game took me deeper… Finally LFG, DTG and random moments of PURE AWESOMENESS hooked me for years. After I typed this I realized it was a wall-o-text… sorry…

So I didn’t really care for this game when it came out… Bunch of my friends bought it and I saw them playing it and was still not sold. When I bought my Xbox One, just grabbed it and didn’t pay any mind to it for the first few weeks. Meanwhile most of my friends list was into it. The Dark below came out and I was still sitting on it so I decided to install and give it a go. Once I beat the main story and the dark below story and got to level 20, or whatever it was back then, figured, hey, let me link up with the others. HOWEVER, I wasn’t allowed to raid or strike with them because, “you’re too low level and you don’t know what to do…” They basically said get your game up. And they already had 8 in their clan.

Most of you don’t know me, but I will say this… the flames were fueled!!! Now being the way I am… I got into the game’s lore, story, and then into the numbers and stats… Before my first Raid with them I was as high as I could go before Raid Gear. And when I did finally go raiding with them, they noticed one thing… I was better than a couple of the raiders they had. People who were afraid to grab relic in VoG, died at jump puzzles, couldn’t sword Crota or just kept getting downed in general when the tough got going. Playing with them was fun because they were my guys but it never seemed like they/we could beat the raids.

Then one day I accepted a random invite at the tower and my eyes were opened… Little did I know it was a Sherpa. THIS IS HOW IT SHOULD BE!!! I learned SO MUCH MORE AND SANK DEEPER IN THAT ONE PLAYTHROUGH CROTA than I did before that point. At that point I learned about LFG and the "Destiny Community"… AND MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNN It was nice playing with my buddies for the chats and what not, but it was clear that I was willing to go further than any of them. Jumping in and out of LFG groups with sherpas and then it happened… I beat a Hard Mode VoG and a Hard Mode TBD (Legit and without glitches because I came after Crota internet bug was patched) before any of my buddies. I learned EVERY ASPECT OF BOTH RAIDS at that point. Titan was/is my main but imagine their surprise when I built a hunter and power leveled and then helped them all get their first Hard Crota completion with the “new guy” (AKA me) running the sword. Yes in the beginning they had helped carry me through nightfalls and give me free checkpoint drops (end of maze in crota) but I went all in. Then I became a Sherpa and helped others go through the raids… I have hundreds of VoG and TBD across multiple active and deleted characters…

Since house of wolves I’ve jumped in and out here and there. Ran through the Taken war and did KF Hard mode and all the challenges a bunch of times… Left again and just recently came back for RoI and am going to jump into WotM before the player base all but disappears… Need to at least get that one Hard Mode Complete.

Through all of that I have had so many memorable moments with PUGs especially a few unforgettable for as long as I shall live moments (Like this), that I still Love the game good/bad/ugly and can’t wait for Age of Triumph to put a nice little bow on D1 and definitely can’t wait to see what D2 brings.

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