The S.A.V.A.G.E System (stats), refining instead of redesigning.

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Right now alot of folks are concerned about the Savage System and customization. The common complaints are imbalance in vitality, uselessness of survival, and the need to invest many points into str/acc to see any return at all.

Most suggestions involve severe fundamental changes to the system, additions of perk systems, and etc. But I don't think that the current system is near as flawed as it appears on the surface. I also don't think there is any problem with rewarding someone for investing in a single stat.

There are also concerns against High Level vs Low Level combat. But honestly, I think this is going to be unavoidable. Even if stats did nothing a high level is going to win against low levels due to superior gear. Also, honestly, unless the differences are quite severe (like vitality is right now) then stat differences are only truly going to matter in a fight between players of both equal gear and equal skill levels.

If you are looking for an even fight, I really don't recommend survival games. But if you still want to have an even fight in survival games, you need to go to certain servers. The genre itself is simply not designed to provide even and fair fights outside of the maximum level due to continuously escalating gear power. Even then, assuming you made some perfect system that made 2 people even, it's going to be largely irrelevant because of group play. Competing against a clan of 30 with a clan of 15 is not going to be an even battle.

All of this is just kind of expected in a survival game though. We have servers for that, servers for the builders, servers for the "even PVP". But there is no easy way to force that via the vanilla ruleset to please all 3 crowds. This is why its left up to server discretion.



Overarching Design Goal: Flesh out the current system with as little work as possible. Add more customization and reward for investment in each stat while attempting to remain relatively (but likely not perfectly) balanced. Bring Vitality down to be better in line with other stats while bringing survivalism, grit, and agility up a little.



Strength: In an ok place, but high investment is needed to see tangible returns (less swings to kill) for that to be it's only benefit and be interesting.

  • Keeps current bonus of 1% increased melee damage per level.
  • Now also increases the damage of power attacks by 2% every 5 levels, max 20%.
  • Now penetrates 5% of armor on power attack every 10 levels, max 25%.

Strength as is was the all purpose DPS stat but had minimal impact. But increasing it too much without any drawbacks would completely imbalance it. So with that in mind the idea here is to focus Str more on heavy and slower hits a bit more for increased flavor without increasing DPS.



Agility: Really lackluster compared to the current vitality thanks to the diminishing returns of armor and Vitality being so strong. Needed a bit more flavor too for it to not just be an alternative to the vitality stat.

  • Armor point gains from agility now only apply if you are wearing light or Coarse Armor.
  • Now gives 1% move speed for every 5 levels while wearing light or coarse armor, 10% max.
  • Now increases weapon switch/ready speed by 10% per 10 levels, max 50%.

Agility was just second fiddle to Vitality and both were aimed at keeping you safer. By limiting it down to lighter armor, giving it move speed, and increasing weapon switch speed this should give Agility a more well defined playstyle niche that doesn't result in either Agility or Vitality always being better.



Vitality: Currently way too strong with a flat 12 per point getting more return than anything else.

  • Reduce gain from hp from 12 to 5 per level.
  • In addition to baseline health every 5 levels increases hp regen by 0.5 per second for a max of 5 hp per second. (Baseline Regen is 2.5 hp per second so this doubles it.)
  • Every 10 levels of Vitality reduces the duration of poisons and bleeds by 7.5% to a max of 35%.

This should lower down the overall power level of vitality while still encouraging vitality stacking for specific builds. Now it's much easier to directly kill you if you stack vitality, but long fights still favor you. Numbers are of course theoretical but provide a more flexible baseline with more balancing levers and more interesting considerations.

For those concerned about "someone regening too much to kill" it would take 70 seconds for someone to regen enough hp to equal the old max hp. They'd also be using healing items normally before, so the practical difference is even smaller. And shields in this game break quickly.



Accuracy: Same issue as strength requiring large investment for very straightforwards and uninteresting returns.

  • Keeps current bonus of 1% increased ranged damage per level.
  • Now also increases the firing and reload speed of ranged weapons by 10% every 5 levels, max 100%. IE 0.7 shots per second would become 1.4 shots per second. (Read note just below)
  • Now also penetrates 2% armor per 10 levels on all ranged attacks, max 20%

In addition to the same issues that faced strength, bows/crossbowsweapons had roughly half the DPS of comparable level melee weapons even with competitive ammo. The initial base damage was fairly competitive but the firing speed was much slower. buffing the ranged weapons themselves would allow them to be too effective in the hands of folks not sacrificing anything for that effectiveness.

Therefore tying the extra damage into the ranged stat seemed like the best choice for archers to exist without making ranged too strong for everyone else. Even with these changes a 50 accuracy ranged DPS will still be more than 10% below someone with 50 strength, and they'd use tons of arrows to do it AND have to aim and connect with multiple shots per second.



Grit: Grit right now isn't terrible per se, but its just not as impactful as other choices and so it has some room for improvement.

  • Keeps current bonus of 3 max stamina per level.
  • Now also reduces the endurance cost of sprinting by 5% per 5 levels to a max of 50%
  • Stamina Regen is increased by 5% per 10 levels to a max of 25%.

While grit was relatively ok, it was not competitive and suffered an issue where the more Grit you had the less you needed grit. To give it some more compelling reasons to pick up as well as help scale it's power smoothly into higher investments the additional stamina reductions should help by giving it more of a niche.



Encumbrance: Encumberance currently has a place, but like many other stats it gets less valuable the more you have of it. I was unable to think of any interesting ways to change this without breaking the weight or encumbrance system. It still has a niche place overall however.



Survivalism: A convenience stat that's currently completely unneeded.

  • Keep current food and water usage reduction per level as is.
  • Now also increases the amount of non-ore resources you harvest by 2.5% per 5 levels, 25% max. Partial values become a % chance. Example: 5 fiber with 20% increase is 6 fiber. 1 Bark with 20% increase is 80% chance for 1 bark, 20% chance for 2 bark.
  • Now also reduces duration of all debuffs by 10% per 10 levels, max 50% reduction. This includes things like cripple, poison, food poisoning, etc.

Survivalism basically had no place before. By adding a debuff resistance and increased harvest amounts this gives it a place. It may still need further help, but it'll certainly be better ff than it was.




Well that's my quick and dirty ideas on how to improve the stats system without fundamentally changing it and trying to aim for a minimum amount of work. Also trying to reward heavier investment without being OP.

I'm sure I've overlooked something so give me feedback. No man creates perfect ideas without critques. As George Carlin said: "I have alot of great ideas, problem is most of them suck."

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