The S.A.V.A.G.E. system and lack of customization

I've seen a few posts on the topic as players feel there isn't much difference between characters when spending attribute points,

You have basic stats you level up; the bonus's from each is very small and the growing cost stops players putting all points into one stat. This is a good thing as it stops stat maxing which would make the combat system unfair (A level 30 character always beating a level 20 character in combat due to 10 levels of stats being poured into strength)

While I fully agree with Funcom's development approach because it will make the game more skill and equipment based the playerbase is still correct, There is a lack of customisation in Conan exiles. Each character seems the same with the only real difference being do you spend a chunk of points in strength or accuracy for a slight edge in melee or ranged combat.

What players want

Players want to feel they’ve made a character unique to them, They're already using the recipe system to define who their character is, some players in a clan will learn all of the defensive building recipes so they can be the architect for the clans base, others will take the wheel of pain so they can be the clan slaver, some will learn all of the armor recipes and supply the clan with gear and weapons, we even see players focusing on the shrine recipes to be the clans priest.

So lets expand on whats already happening

We need a perk system

If we take the type of characters already being used, expand on them a little and create a perk system that doesn't impact combat much I think the community would be very happy with the results.

Perk system: Every 10 levels you gain 1 perk point to spend on a single perk for your character. This means 5 points total on reaching level 50.

The Perks

None of these numbers are final and can be tweaked for balance and effectiveness

  • Harvester: 50% chance to get +1 of harvested resource per hit.

  • Pack mule: Can walk (not run) when encumbered up to an extra 50 over max encumbrance.

  • Builder: Crafting building pieces is twice as fast.

  • Slaver: The Fiber bindings can now drag 2 captives back to base.

  • Tyrant: Can add a buff to wheels of pain once a day to boost its convert speed by 10%, lasts 3 hours. (cannot stack)

  • Craftsman: Repairing uses half the normal materials.

  • Blacksmith: Can add a buff to the blacksmith once a day, 10% chance to get two of a refined resource (bricks, ingots etc) instead of one, lasts 3 hours.

  • Archer: Arrows travel 30% faster.

  • Fletcher: Get 3 times the normal amount when crafting arrows.

  • Weapon speciality: Choose one: (sword, club, spear, bow): Weapon will lose half as much durability when used.

  • Scout: Runs 15% faster when not near any enemys.

  • Priest: Generates 1 Manifestation of Zeal each hour that can be added to your alter.

If anyone has feedback or suggestions for more perks please feel free to comment below.

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