The rewards I would like to see going into Destiny 2 for Destiny 1 players.

I am struggling with the idea of leaving Everything behind. I want so badly to hang on to all of my stuff but at the same time I know it is the best for them to start from scratch. I knew armor and weapons would not carry over but I was hoping our cosmetic stuff would. From what we have seen it does appear that really nothing but our character looks (And hopefully grimoire) will carry over. I think this will be for the best. It will make Destiny 2 like coming into Destiny 1 right now as a brand new character. There is so much to do and collect. My anger at this game comes directly from not having things to collect because I have always been collecting things. I came into Rise of Iron with my perfect gear sets and that needs to change.

The other side of it is Destiny 2 will probably change a lot. All the systems we currently know might change. We might not have shaders any more or ship collections. Those might all be things we collect and build ourselves. Armor and weapons might work completely differently and that's why those aren't coming forward (Not to mention bringing things from this engine into the next engine). With that in mind and with bungies comment there are a few things I think will remain the same and those things can be used to reward players for their dedication.


I think it is safe to say emblems will remain in some form. They are a badge of honor and help us quickly understand another player. I love the emblem system (Though they could add custom emblems like For Honor) but having set emblems for rewards is a great way to feel some reward for doing activites. So with that I think we should get a few emblems for select activities.

Game Time Emblems

  • On the Horizon: Emblem for the Beta Players
  • A New Dawn: Emblem for anyone who played before Dark Below was Released
  • Edit: Vault Hero: Emblem for Completing Vault of Glass
  • Crotas End: Emblem for those who played during Crotas End
  • Edit: Crotas Fall: Emblem for Completing Crotas End
  • House of Wolves: Emblem for those who played during House of Wolves
  • Edit: Trial of Skolas: Emblem for defeating Skolas in Prison of Elders
  • The Taken King: Emblem for those who played during Taken King
  • Edit: The King is Dead: Emblem for defeating King's Fall
  • Rise of Iron: Emblem for those who played during Rise of Iron
  • Edit: Aksis Broken: Emblem for completing Wrath of the Machine
  • Age of Triumph: Emblem for those who played during Age of Triumph
  • Destiny Vanguard: Emblem for any player who played during Destiny 1
  • Edit: Worthy of Osiris: Emblem for those who have been Flawless through Destiny 1
  • Edit: Iron Badge: Emblem for those who have played Iron Banner during Destiny 1

Carried Over Emblems

  • Be Brave: The Old Guard Emblem
  • Laurea Prima: Year 1 Moments of Triumph Emblem
  • Hear the Call: Year 2 Moments of Triumph Emblem
  • Unknown Emblem: Year 3 Age of Triumph emblem.
  • Promotional Emblems: This one is last because I am not sure where it would fall or even if they should be even be carried over.


This is honestly the thing I struggle with the most. I have spent way more money then I care to admit on Eververse. I do kinda feel irritated that I won't be able to carry it over. On the other hand I do understand that I spent that money on Destiny 1 and should not assume or be angry that it will not continue onto destiny 2. I will say the reason I spent so much money on this game is because of the idea they created was that you will continue to grow your character through the full game life. So it was in a mindset that I would be able to carry the things I paid for through the game life. I do understand the situation but I would like possibly a small compensation for that. This is a tricky situation for me but even if I had 5% of the silver I have paid for in the new in game microtransaction system (Regardless of what happens I am sure there will be one and I am sure I will spend more money there). This topic I am looking forward to seeing peoples responses and comments on.


I hope and know that Bungie will probably find a really good way to reward us for our time and dedication in this game and either way I will be jumping in and I am sure even if there were no rewards I would forget about everything the second I start Destiny 2. I would like to see some emblems transfer and things that show

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