The Remix Chest Is the Worst One Yet

Allow me to preface this with the following: I have never been against the idea of chests. They're a smart revenue tool that targets 'whales' like myself who want everything.

I first noticed something a bit strange when I first looked at the number of items I owned in the chest. I had 349 skins prior to opening the chest, and I only had 39/55 items. This is extremely strange to me, as every other 55 item chest they have released, I've always had above 50 items already. So I thought to myself: What items are in there that I couldn't have?

I soon found out the sad truth after rolling it ten times: HiRez has put nearly every single T2 skin in the chest.

This is complete and utter fucking garbage. In the past, I wasn't against filler skins in chests that seem kinda out of place for the chests theme, but this is just stupid. If I roll a chest, I expect to at least get an exclusive out of it (excluding odyssey and enigma for obvious reasons).

The reason that HiRez stuffed the chest with T2s is easily discernible: the 200 gem pricing. With other 55 item chests, they're usually 400 gems a pop, so HiRez puts a couple exclusive skins to make it so if a person rolls and doesn't get the featured skin, they don't feel as cheated. With the 200 gem price tag though, they can't do that w/o losing potential sales since you would be rolling a 200 gem chest and potentially getting a 400 gem item.

This is honestly stupid. I would rather pay 400 gems and get 4 rolls of decent items than pay 200 gems for 10 rolls to gods with kinda different hats on. I really hope HiRez never makes a chest like this again, or soon I'm gonna get all the T2s forcibly.

TL;DR: HiRez stuffed Remix chest full of T2s b/c it costs 200 gems, and it's autistic.

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