The Reality Of Ranked And How to Get out of “Bronze/Silver Hell” From someone who has been there.

I will open this with the fact that I am an average smite player. I was Masters in Duel, and Plat in conquest and diamond in joust.

In s3 I was stuck in bronze 5 on qualifications due to shit luck, and just general toxicity and bad play, when I sat in bronze 5 for the first game losing horribly even though I was positive and carrying, I changed my outlook on the game for the next game, It went from what is my teammate doing wrong, into how can I get my teammate ahead. If you believe you are lower than you belong, change the strategy from how can I get ahead of my laning opponent into how can I get my teammates ahead of theirs.

This is easiest from JG, Then solo, Then MID, then ADC, Then support,

From the JG in elo hell, Communicate with your mid at the start of the game if you are going to elementals speed or mids if you win, and where you want to go if you lose clear, this will clear up any confusion and allow you mid to follow you into the proper spots so you can help him/her farm efficiently, Consider playing a Jg that can counter one of their players aggressivly, like a serqet vs a ra, or a awilix vs hunbats. Late game, focus on peeling for your teammates as the enemy team will have extreme tunnel vision and you can probably kill them as they try to kill your teammates, It's alot easier to kill the guy trying to kill your teammate than it is to kill the guys in the back.

From Solo , Play a Lane bully if possible, and rotate to mid lane as often as possible. If you can take advantage of your early game, providing support for your probably lack luster mid and jg combo will greatly help them get ahead and build their confidence. You losing a little bit of farm wont hurt you as much if you are getting confidence for you mid laner and jungler. Lower ranked opponents almost have no freaking clue what to do when a herc or osiris strolls into their lane from the solo side and will flame their teammates rather than blame themselves, and will continue to play up in the wave making for free kills for your team.

ADC If you have no confidence in your team because you are stuck in silver/bronze etc etc, buy wards after your first back and try to bully your opponent adc, If you are as good as you think you are for this level, you should be able to out clear him with any god you pull out such as rama, hou yi, anhur, and cupid, you should bully your enemy and ward in between enemy purple and red, If your support sticks with you, you can get kills easily, if your support leaves and theirs stays, take advantage of the extra farm, and target the tank, most tanks don't know how to dodge autos at this rank and if you force them back it can cause the lower leveled adc to panic and blow his escape allowing you to capitalize.

MID Same info as what you did as jungler, but in this situation, after you get a slight lead, you should always get a slight lead, and if you don't play passively and focus on your farm. But when you clear, wave, always move into the duo side jg if there is no farm to be found in the right jungle. Hiding from your enemy can ensure panic and relieve alot of pressure off of your duo lane, NOthing scares a bronze player more than "enemy missing middle spam" and if they don't back off in duo lane, youre absolutely free to go hit them with a powerful ult, as you should hit 5 and 9 before the duo lane will. Bullying the duo lane as a mid laner will greatly improve how fast you win games.

Support This one is tricky, it is the hardest to carry from, but at the same time it is the easiest to influence a game from. Consider playing bacchus, sobek, fafnir, or Ymir and getting pen boots, MOst lower players have absolutely no idea how to juke your abilities like flop, freeze, and pluck. Your first priority in the lower ranked games is to delete their support, due to the same reason as the adc, if you clear out the enemy guardian, they will panic and gives your adc plenty of room to play aggressive. Sometimes however your team will just flat out be bad and unable to hit things. So if you realize this could be the case, try picking up void stone and providing peel by damage. I would not reccomend khepri, or geb in your lower ranked games because it is very difficult for them to get you through the match if your team isn't setting up properly or hiding behind you.

These are techniques from each role that will greatly help you get out of elo hell. Also, channel your inner big brother and if anyone starts flaming someone on your team, protect them and tell them that they are important and that with them focusing on hitting abilities, that we can win together, you would be amazed how many games are lost just from salty teammates f6ing due to bm and losing one gold fury.

TL;DR To carry your way out of elo hell get your teammates ahead, the role order should be JG, solo, ADC, mid, Support. JG focus on killing people who dive your team, Solo, Rotate mid lane as frequently as you can. ADC buy a ward and play like a bully, Support get a powerful support and try to peel by damage.

You will lose games where you think you should've won, and you will lose games in which you carried, but if you can get your teammates ahead, you will almost always win your games.

Good luck to everyone hope this helps.

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