The real reasons why the special ammo changes are a failure

This isn't meant to be a rant, or complaining, just highlighting why the new special ammo economy is unhealthy and unsustainable.

It makes too much loot irrelevant

Literally ~90% of all special weapon kills in these past Trials weekends are done with weapons that avoid the new special ammo changes; Ice Breaker, Sidearms, Invective, No Land Beyond, Universal Remote. (From here on out I'll just use a blanket term of "Avoidance Weapons" to make things simpler for me.) This is not far off from what you see in Iron Banner and 'casual' modes as well, as most people can attest. You almost always see a huge dominance in Avoidance Weapons being used.

What this means, then, that any special weapon that's NOT an Avoidance Weapon just saw a sharp drop in demand. Can a loot based game survive if we stop caring about most special weapons? Answer me this; did anyone honestly give a crap about the Laughing Hearts you got last week in Iron Banner?

Part of the thrill of new content is seeing what loot there is. We evaluate new Raid weapons, new IB weapons, new Trials weapons, and so on. We gauge which ones are great for PvE and which are great for PvP. With this new system…suddenly most special weapons across ALL content is now PvE-only.

We know this, because we have vast libraries of special weapons that are barely being used because they're not Avoidance Weapons. The loot pool is really, really diminished now because so much many more guns have become "PvE roll or shard it."

You may contradict me here, but 1) read on, and 2) the usage stats don't lie.

It makes joining late games suck even more

Here's a clip of me joining a late game today and dying to 3 Supers in the space of a minute.

While this is always aggravating as hell, it's even more so if you spawn in and immediately lose all special ammo to a Super or heavy ammo when you've had no chance to have that yourself. This is just one more reason to use nothing but Avoidance Weapons. At least if I spawn in and I'm immediately killed by a Super, my Sidearm will at least keep ammo.

It changes how Supers and subclasses work too much

Take Sunsinger for example. Before this change, I desperately wanted Sunsinger to get revamped and buffed. It just didn't have any real strengths it could call its own after the multitude of nerfs it got.

But NOW? No way would it ever get buffed, because in this new meta, Fusion grenades and Radiance are 10 times more powerful than they used to be. Roaming Supers in general have much less to fear since there's no way a Sidearm can solo kill you. Sticky grenades have become a godsend.

Suddenly the strengths of weaknesses of certain subclasses and Supers have taken a huge shift. It's making the meta more about steamrolling with a Roaming Super, or saving your Shut-Down Super to counter Roaming Supers. And any insta-kill ability has its rewards far outweigh its risks. Sticky grenades and Shoulder Charge have never been more annoying despite the nerfs that have happened, for example.

Weapon diversity didn't even improve to begin with

Stats show that Hand Cannons and Avoidance Weapons make up nearly all of the weapon kills in the game. This isn't any better than when it was shotguns, Hand Cannons, and Pulse Rifles.

It breaks certain objective game modes

Sure, there are some players that say that 60 second ammo boxes is more than enough. And while I can see why someone would say that in terms of Clash or something, it doesn't work at all in Rift.

In Rift, you absolutely have to control the Spark Zone area. The team that does this best wins. So say you die, you respawn, and there's a special crate about to appear in 20 seconds. But the Spark is going to be ready in 15 seconds. This new system can make it so you can't ever spare the time to grab special ammo because you're too often forced into a choice of: play the objective, or selfishly get ammo for yourself and leaving the objective and your team out to dry. What's the point in, say, a Matador if grabbing ammo for it means the enemy team grabs the Spark?

Again, another reason to just say **** it and use Avoidance Weapon so you can play the objective the whole match.

Waiting for ammo isn't fun

Remember back in the Crota's End days when every wipe we'd do all we could to get heavy ammo to drop? Yeah it wasn't fun at all and added to aggravation and tediousness. This is the PvP equivalent of that; the more time you spend grabbing ammo instead of playing the game the less fun it is.

No wonder people use Avoidance Weapons; they're the only ones that allow you to play the game the whole match.

Every 'cheeky' death without an Avoidance Weapon becomes far more rage-inducing

Picture this: you wait for special, grab the ammo, reload it, take 10 steps, and get stuck by a Fusion grenade. That's a whole new layer of frustration, when people have always been salty about things like that. Now there's an added sense of urgency to never die after you grab special, and there's a lot of ways to die in Destiny even without tons of OHK special weapons.

Not to mention that we're not even using Avoidance Weapons because we want to. It's literally just to avoid all the BS that I just listed, to ease the aggravation of cheeky deaths and let us focus more on what makes Destiny fun rather than camping a crate spawn. If Avoidance Weapons were popular weapons they would have been way more popular before this change as well, but they weren't.

The rampant overuse of Avoidance Weapons is a desperation move, not a sign of a healthy meta.

And the sad truth is that so far the only change Bungie is making about it is making Avoidance Weapons not even as good at doing their job of avoiding the special ammo changes.

Destiny won't be sustainable like this. Destiny 2 won't be nearly as successful as Destiny 1 if these changes aren't rolled back in some fashion. One can only hope this was an experiment (or "the Avoidance Weapon season" since Bungie likes to give weapons their time in the sun) and Bungie has learned since then.

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